How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Published : 06 Dec 2018   author : Indoleads Bot

Believe it or not, every day there are thousands of people looking for information about how to start an online business on Google.

And usually what they are looking for is an online business opportunity so they can work from home.

If we look further, the online business has a variety of different business models. And you can make money online in various ways.

Examples: sell your own products, offer services, sell ad slots on your website or blog, or promote other people’s products and services.

Well, the last choice is called Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing is the commission-based sales business model. So when you sell, you get money.

Similar to “door to door” sales in the offline world, you offer a product to others from one door to another. If there is a sell, you get a commission.

But here you don’t need to scrounge over the heat, because you can do it at the computer, or even your smartphone and tablet.

To get started, you can register as an AFFILIATE of a PRODUCT VENDOR (ADVERTISER) to get an AFFILIATE TRACKING LINK.

This merchant can be in the form of a company or an individual.

Furthermore, you will receive an Affiliate Link that contains the link URL of the website address of the product owner, and the link already contains a special code for your AffiliateID.

Then when you promote the link, and anyone who clicks through your link then makes a purchase, then you get a commission.

If you may say, affiliate marketing is a business model that can bring passive income, and is relatively easy for beginners. I also started an internet business career from this business model, and until now I still run it.

You can also check out YouTube channels relevant to your niche and articles on our blog, as there are tons of information for beginners, as well as guides with high converting offers for the hottest GEOs! 

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