How to make money from Affiliate Programs like Alfa-bank and other similar affiliate programs in Russia?

Published : 23 Mar 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Bank affiliate programs play an important role in partner marketing in Russia. For example, consider Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank is the largest private bank in Russia, ranking fourth in terms of assets. It has about 800 branches and offices in more than 100 cities of Russia. The main office is in Moscow.

There are three links involved in the Alfa-Bank affiliate program: the advertiser (Alfa-Bank), the partner who distributes the advertising, and the client. The advertiser wants to sell his goods or services and makes an offer for a partner (affiliate).

Participation in affiliate programs is free for everyone. Further, it depends on the method of promotion and the amount of your time. You can manually create posts on popular forums or create a bot – then you don’t have to make any money investments. For example, you have your own website, you have installed a content locker on it, in which case you will not have to make any investments.

How does it work?

Loker blocks some of the most interesting content on the site. This can be photographs or useful information such as an e-book, video, checklist, or manual. To receive this content, you need to perform a targeted action, for example, subscribe to notifications or download a file. For each such action, Igor received a reward and monetized the site.

The concept of an offer in arbitration means an offer from an advertiser. Offers of partner programs, such as Alfa-Bank, can amount to various amounts of payments for conversions from $1 to $100 on average.

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