How to Create Effective Push-Notification Messages?

Published : 22 Feb 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Writing a Push Notification message is similar to writing a subject for e-mail. The words written in it must be able to convince someone to click on it.
According to the average amount of apps people use every month is 30. But an average user visits 87 websites per month – according to a Neilson survey conducted a few years ago. That is almost three times as much as the mobile apps, which means you have almost 3 times as much chance to monetize web push notifications successfully. When push notifications are used correctly, they can be very beneficial to you as an affiliate! By monetizing mobile traffic with push-notifications you can make hundreds and even thousands of revenue a month.

In-App Push Notifications VS Web-Based Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are mostly used for customer retention, sending timely updates, promoting offers and sales. But have you noticed that they can be really annoying as they always make your phone buzzes?

Web-based push notifications are unique among marketing channels – a rising star in the traffic monetization game. They are easy to opt-in for website visitors. After they do opt-in, your push notification messages to the users directly, as an alert, which greatly increases the chances of a click.

Purpose of Push Notification Messages

A good Push-Notification Message can be a gateway that brings a re-engagement. Bad Push-Notification messages will only become spam!

Push-Notification messages must attract attention, attract interest, and tease the right amount of information. This raises the question, is there an ideal length for a PushNotification Message? Or, should you use as many words as possible to make sure you cover all the details?

This means you have to cut your Push-Notification message and get to the core quickly. You only have a few seconds to catch attention, so you need to communicate value, goals, or quick rewards.

A quick look into this info-graphic makes it clear that including some type of emoji into your push notification can increase the click-through rates.

The obvious conclusion from the images above is that having a Push-Notification message that is short, concise, and eye-catching – clearly has the potential to have a good click rate is higher. The thing to remember is that the words that appear on the reader screen will vary according to the size of their smartphone screen or browser window, which is the main reason why we should minimize the contents of the message PushNotification.

Benefits of monetizing Push Notifications

  1. You can get traffic from the real users that have agreed to receive push notifications.
  2. You can get traffic from the native website content and actual user interests.
  3. You can deliver your ads to any device as an alert.
  4. You can get high CTR as push notifications are displayed even when the user is not using the app or visiting the website.
  5. You can set up the ads fast, modify the ads fast and get the results fast!

Re-analyze whether your Push Notification messages are in accordance with your main goal, which is to increase your chances of conversion! Good luck!

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