High Paying Affiliate Programs in Indonesia

Published : 25 Jan 2021   author : newadmin3

Affiliate Marketing, what is it?

In associate marketing you could promote other businesses’ merchandise by signing up to their affiliate programs, and if someone buys one’s merchandise through your associated hyperlinks, you get the commission. Affiliate Marketing has gained popularity with a lot of ecommerce companies launching their affiliate programs in Indonesia. With these affiliate offers,  you may earn income for yourself or to your enterprise. Companies like (AliExpress, Apple iTunes, Samsung, Amazon etc.) all offer different affiliate programs that you can join. 

Want to get BETTER at affiliate marketing?

Get started with investing energy into your content and the way you present it. Instead of simply selling your item, your attention should be on helping your clients and to help them with any sort of data that they may require. Pick the correct items that fit in with the kind of crowd you have as it would be considerably more compelling. Have a deep understanding of the items you’re selling. Draw in with your crowd, take input and above all, commit time.

Affiliate Marketing in Indonesia

Indonesia is the 15th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and with the introduction of affiliate programs in the country, it is said to rise within a few years. Indonesia has a lot of potential therefore these affiliate programs will help the people and the economy a lot, if invested well. Indonesia’s E-commerce revenue has been estimated to be larger than one can think of, with it being nearly 28.6 billion US dollars in 2020 to it growing up to 50.7 billion US dollars in 2024.

Indonesia’s internet usage has drastically increased within the years, it hit about 197 million users in 2020 which is nearly 68% of the country’s population. With a rise in internet usage people are exposed to many E-commerce sites such as Amazon and other online marketplaces which brings much traffic to such sites and helps them grow.

Affiliate marketing is also rising due to several other reasons, one being the archipelago that stretches from the western end to the easternmost end over 17 thousand islands and 5000 km, it makes it difficult for ordinary businesses to reach customers in remote areas and also the never-ending traffic issues in key cities. Hence online shopping is the best solution to this problem.

Here’s our highest paying affiliate programs to promote in Indonesia!


High Paying Affiliate Programs in Indonesia

  1. Mothercare Indonesia Affiliate Program:

Mothercare is one of the largest baby/children brand and is known to sell parenting products for children up to 8 years old. It was founded in 1961 and now has over 1200 outlets throughout 55 countries and now it reaches Indonesia.

Baby/children products tend to have a big advantage over other brands as parenting is seen and given importance in our society. Mothers tend to get the best products for their children to keep them safe and give them comfort.

If you have a platform where most of the audience are parents or upcoming parents, Mothercare would be the best place to invest and advertise as their products are high quality and safe for the children. It would benefit you and the benefit of thousands of parents. They have all sorts of products that can help make parenting look easy. We highly recommend Mothercare in this list.

Commission rates are at 7%

  1. Tokopedia Indonesia Affiliate Program:

Ever heard of Amazon? Yes? But have you heard of Tokopedia? ….. Well let me introduce you to a website called Tokopedia (founded in 2009) and has about 10M items in its catalogue which ranges from electronics to fashionable wear. It also has products from different brands that one can browse through.

It has been introduced in Indonesia now and its sales have been skyrocketing ever since. Your audience can find any product and it will be in front on their screens in a matter of seconds. The library never ends and is continuing to expand. A dictionary for products that we all have been waiting for.

Commission rates are an all-time high starting from 1-25%.

  1. BliBli Affiliate Program in Indonesia:

BliBli is the biggest online mall that has a variety of products that one can imagine. The products are of best quality and can help improve any lifestyle or household. They are one of the most trusted online shopping sites in Indonesia.

You as an affiliate have the option to easily promote as it has everything for everyone in your audience or platform. BliBli helps makes promoting and selling way easier with their promotional deals which you get from the website itself and from the official product stores.

Commission rates are at 1-10% depending on the product.

  1. Lazada Indonesia Affiliate Program:

Missed Lazada? Well worry not because Lazada is back! in Indonesia with the same great deals and products of all kinds that your audience can choose from!

For those who are not familiar with Lazada, Lazada is one of the largest online shopping retail market in 6 sea countries including Indonesia. They have products for men, women, children and even your pets and of great quality and prices.

Lazada’s affiliate program is a program you should consider joining.

Lazada Indonesia Commission rates are up to 14%

  1. Shopee Indonesia Affiliate Program:

Though Shopee is a Singaporean e-commerce platform which makes it easier not just for the buyers but also for the sellers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience. It has now expanded itself to Indonesia and brings you a wide range of goods such as electronics, home appliance, health and beauty, toys etc.

It has over 70 couriers service providers across its markets to provide logistical support for its users and has its delivery services in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Shopee Indonesia commission rates are about 2.1% to 7%.

  1. eBay Affiliate Program:

Now let’s see our next program which is by none other than one of the biggest shop, buy and sell platform. eBay is different from your normal online retail market as it not only has new products but also products that are used and people want to sell. This makes eBay different from its competitors.

You could say that eBay is a whole package for your community as it offers a lot of options to the people. It is safe, trusted, fast and has quality in their products.

Ebay Affiliate Program Commissions: 19 USD for paid order (new client) / 2% of paid order (any client)

  1. Gearvita Indonesia Affiliate Program:

By hearing the name Gearvita, one can already guess what it would be about.

Gearvita is an online electronic products store in which you only find specific products. It may be not for everyone but for the communities and audiences (such as tech people) that do have an interest, would find it to be the best place. The products range from sports equipment, cellphones, wearable technology, cameras, laptops etc.

Gearvita is the perfect place for tech communities as it has everything that they would need.

Gearvita.id Indonesia Affiliate Program Commission rates are about 20%.

  1. Bukalapak Affiliate Program in Indonesia:

Bukalapak is an Indonesian e-commerce company. It was founded in 2010 as an online marketplace and has more than 4.5 million SME sellers and 70 million active users. It is also the fourth unicorn startup in Indonesia.

Products like motors, sports, toys, electronics, beauty, stationary, household items are all available on the site. With its constant promotions and discounts, one can easily buy the products he needs. Commissions are a bit confusing as when a customer clicks on the tracking link, and purchases multiple items, Bukalapak will only approve the first remitted conversion.

  1. Gogobli Affiliate Program:

If you’re looking for health and beauty products, then Gogobli is the place for you as it offers you all sorts of branded goods. It was established in 2011 and is a well trusted site in Indonesia.

They are all BPOM registered products hence they are all safe to use.

Gogobli is also known for its high-level service so your audience will not have any sort of problems with their orders.

Commission rates for Gogobli affiliate programs are 0.72%-1.81%

  1. Hijabenka Affiliate Program:

Hijab has a new look in the modern world, and it is hard to get the best hijab that you would love wearing in your day to day life. Therefore, we present to you Hijabenka! Which is an online fashion market for Muslims. They represent culture diversity and have many Muslim designers.

You are revealed to a wide selection of high-quality products at affordable prices. These include qamis, abaya, hijabs, dresses, scarves and many products that one can choose from. This is the best place for Female Muslim audiences that want to dress up with modesty.

Commission rates are 10% for all products on the website.

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