POSTED ON : 13 Feb 2020   BY : Irina

Are you still thinking about the right niche to choose?

Knowing how to use Google Trends for market research is a key in getting to the pulse of your audience before you go full on with your content marketing, product creation or niche selection.

This is a big deal. Even if you think you understand how to use Google trends, you’re going to learn new tactics and new ways to use this tool in this post.

We will show you why using the Google trends search tool is so valuable and explain some of the main features to you.

Why Is Google Trends Important?

It’s important to understand that marketers don’t create desires in your audience. Your audience already has those needs and desires. You’re job as an internet marketer is to tap into those existing desires through your content.

Google trends will empower you to learn what needs, wants and desires your target audience has through your market research. Google Trends is a free market analysis tool that will show you Google trending searches. This helps your business get to the nitty-gritty of market research, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and lost time and energy by nailing down your direction from the start.

Have an idea you want to expand on? Want to know how to grow that lifestyle business you’re after? The Google Trends search tool allows you to conduct trends research on any topic or keyword you might have in mind. You can see a variety of data on search volume in real time.

You can also view the trends over a time span to help you determine Google search interest over time.

Finding Your Niche With Google Trends

Finding your niche isn’t just about what you gravitate towards, it needs to be something people are searching for. You could be interested in making DIY play dough and slime for kids, but if no one else is, what good is that to you?

Missing the research work and go straight to choosing a niche without even trying to understand their audience is a big mistake.

Let’s say you have an interest in some outdoor activities. You put mountain bike in the Google trends searches and see there is a seasonal low from September to May each year for the past 5 years.

Having this search popularity will prepare you for the drought in search traffic and revenue, or you can use Google trends to discover other keyword trends of a different outdoor sport. Snowboarding would be an option to cover the seasonal lull of mountain biking. Put in snowboard in the Google trends compare box and the graph shows you that when mountain biking is going down, snowboarding is on the rise. It also shows us that snowboarding has higher highs than mountain biking.

Depending on when you are launching your business, this trends research would show you which topic you want to be prioritize first and when you need to have it all launched by.

If it is January right now, then you probably can’t hit page one of google for the big spike of snowboard searches in February so you would get mountain bike posts cranking, prepared for the rise of that search topic in May. Then in May/June you would create snowboarding content to be prepared for it’s rise in October.

Final thoughts

Google trends is all about getting to know the history of various search terms, how they’re doing in terms of popularity worldwide, nationwide, or city-wide. Then, the related topics and queries are like your sequels, keeping your content market research moving forward and propelling your business long into the future.

If you do the research before every post, and every big decision, the results that you’ll get will be far superior than those of your competitors. Stay tuned for more posts on Google Trends!