Bus Online Ticket affiliate program

Published : 26 Mar 2018   author : Indoleads

Bus Online Affiliate Program

We are glad to announce new launch in indoleads.com. Please meet Bus Online Ticket affiliate program APAC, (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia). This is the best bus ticket affiliate program in the South East Asia Region

About the advertiser:

BusOnlineTicket.com is a one-stop online booking portal for bus tickets that features a large number of bus operators in both Singapore and Malaysia, going through over 3,000+ routes within these two countries.

They strive on providing the absolute best in terms of online booking service so they try to make their booking system as user-friendly as possible so that it would be easier for all of their beloved customers to get their tickets from anywhere they are.

Payout: 5% commission on all bus/train/ferry tickets booking

This Travel Affiliate Program is available for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia


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