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Published : 09 Jun 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT


If you’re a blogger in the United Kingdom and find yourself wondering how influencers and bloggers these days seem to be earning money left and right, affiliate marketing and affiliate programs are your best friend when it comes to figuring out how to earn digitally. Find out about the best affiliate programs in UK which can help you make money online while staying at home.

Affiliate marketing allows bloggers and advertisers to earn continuously through online traffic generation. This allows both brands and affiliates to earn. Affiliate marketing allows brands to offer marketers to promote their products and services for free, and both the company and the marketer earn depending on the number of sales made. The number of sales an affiliate can drive converts into commissions that, in the long run, can be quite lucrative and generous.

When it comes to affiliate marketing in the UK, stats show that the United Kingdom is one of the leading markets for e-commerce in Europe.  The UK has earned £11.55 billion through digital advertisement. Affiliate marketing took off in 1996 in the UK with the beginning of the Amazon Associates affiliate program; since then, it has only grown and continues to offer endless opportunities to bloggers and marketers alike.


So, where should you be placing your bets, and which programs should you be looking to invest your time and energy in for maximum benefits and earning

  1. Ticket Master UK Affiliate Program

First off, we have Ticket Master UK, a company that is the global leader in ticketing. Ticket Master’s international platform provides tickets for events of all genres ranging from sports to concerts and festivals, generating traffic from all over the globe.

The Ticket Master Affiliate Program is ideal because, as an affiliate partner, you can earn a commission on every ticket sold through your affiliate link. The number of people you direct to the Ticket Master website and those people, when they purchase a ticket online, help you earn your commission.

Ticket Master is well-known, making your affiliate marketing portfolio look exceptionally good as a result. Their partnership enables affiliates to get exclusive access to pre-sales and content that is otherwise unavailable. Their state-of-the-art system ensures a smoother and quicker conversion rate as well.

Affiliates earn every month depending on the number of sales you can make for the company. Commission rates tend to vary depending on the kind of event promoted and can be prone to fluctuation, but a 1% commission per ticket sold is a standard for them.

  1. Matalan UK Affilaite Program

Matalan is a British fashion website and platform that is based in Merseyside. With stores all over the UK and franchises in Europe and the UAE, Matalan has a sound following and consumer base.

Purchasing directly from Matalan offers customers unique discounted prices and guarantees quality. As a result of their fame, their affiliate program can enable you to earn through referrals. When you refer or direct customers to the Matalan site through your link, every sale made through you translates into a commission.

The hold period for Matalan is a generous 60 days, allowing you to make the most of the banners you put up, advertising everything from footwear to children’s apparel as well as brands like Calvin Klein. Matalan’s affiliate program enables partners and affiliates to promote the brand not only through affiliate links and banners but promo codes as well.

Their Matalan Direct program ensures a hefty 7% commission for all affiliates.

  1. Trainline UK Affiliate Program

Next, we have the Trainline affiliate program. Trainline is one of Europe’s most well-known train and coach applications. They offer their customers thousands of locations that span across 45 countries and make traveling within the continent a smooth, hassle-free process. Home to all your ticket and conveyance needs in Europe, Trainline allows its affiliates to earn through the sales of train and bus tickets in all of Europe and spans over 200 train and bus services. The program offers a 3% commission rate on the current ticket prices. The trainline program has a 30-day cookie lifetime. The average check earned by Trainline affiliate partners tends to be at least 80€.

The website is known to have over 80 million visits per month, and a large number of those visits could be through your affiliate links and could also translate into amazing commission per sale. Their website states that they tend to sell over 200 tickets per minute.

As an affiliate, you would be guaranteed a high conversion rate and a generous earning, as well as promising results.

  1. Secret Escapes UK Affiliate Program

Secret Escapes Affiliate Program is the best affiliate program for travel bloggers. As an exclusive travel club, the platform boasts the best deals when it comes to four to five-star accommodations for holidays worldwide. Secret Escape’s massive database enables affiliates to advertise exotic destinations from all over the world. With a month-long cookie duration, affiliates can earn commissions from the bookings made through affiliate links.

The member-only nature of Secret Escapes promises that new visitors would be tempted to sign up for the travel company in order to avail heavy discounts on their holidays. They offer commission rates of 4.5% and are accepted globally, turning any transaction made on the website through your link into profit.

  1. Converse UK Affiliate Program

The infamous international sneaker brand that is home to the Chuck Taylor All Star has an affiliate program for affiliate marketers, specifically in the UK. With the website acting as a source for all things Converse, earning through commissions becomes much easier. The Converse Affiliate Programs, offers 4% commissions on both sneakers and Converse apparel along with a 1% commission for limited-time collaborations.

  1. Go Euro UK Affiliate Program

GoEuro, now renamed Omio, is a travel service that allows users to compare ticket and travel prices as well as timetables for trains, buses, and airplanes all over Europe. Affiliates can earn a small fee for every sale made through the Go Euro UK Affiliate program. The commission rate for Omio can go up to an impressive 8%. Their standard commission rate for all affiliates has recently gone up to a 5.95% for all affiliates.

Omio allows customers to connect to over 800 partners, streamlining and easing your journey booking and travel needs and requirements all over Europe.

Omio’s affiliate program not only translates every direct purchase into a commission but also converts every redirect to the booking page into a commission. Their secure tracking links and unique affiliate ID provision process ensure that you earn your efforts’ worth.

  1. Ryanair UK Affiliate Program

Ryanair is an Irish airline that has been running in Europe since 1984, with bases in London and Dublin. As one of the largest, most popular European airlines, it also has lucrative affiliate programs and partnership opportunities. Offering services to over 34 countries on 3 continents, Ryanair’s affiliate programs aim to improve their brand awareness and better their sales and revenues.

Ryanair’s affiliates can earn commissions through the promotion of their products for Ryanair. The company’s commission rates tend to be an impressive 2-10%. Affiliates earn whenever consumers purchase through their individual affiliate links from Ryanair. They make it possible for affiliates to earn through banners, website redirects as well as creative ads.

  1. London Pass Affiliate Program

The London Pass is a card and explorer pass that enables customers to pick between three and seven attractions in all of London. These attractions are the most popular and attractive of the city and are included in their pre-existing list of destinations. The pass lasts for up to a month after its first use.  As a London Pass affiliate, promoting their cards saves not only your readers and customers a lot of money but also allows every redirect and purchase made from your affiliate link to translate into a 3% commission for you. The card allows consumers to get rid of the ticket payment hassle and replace that with the London pass.

London Pass Affiliate Program


The future for affiliate marketers in the UK is bright; with lucrative plans and affiliate marketing opportunities constantly on the rise, signing up to an affiliate marketplace is your best bet as an online blogger, influencer, or travel advisor. You can add to your daily earnings by converting your online presence into a constant source of income. To learn more about how to become an affiliate, visit our affiliates page today!

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