Best Affiliate Programs from Indonesia (2019)

Published : 12 Feb 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Indoleads is often mistaken for an Indonesian based company, not only because of the name but also because it covers all the major Indonesian Affiliate Programs. The biggest chunk of market share for Indonesian e-commerce is concentrated in Indoleads offer inventory.

By working this close with the most popular Indonesian marketplaces, we are able to evaluate the benefit of those for the affiliate marketers.

Over the last 5 years the search term ‘become an affiliate‘ has been growing steadily in Google as well as any searches related to affiliate marketing – more and more people are interested in earning commissions from online shops, marketplaces or even major brands.

Before we move on, here is a quick read on how to become an Indoleads Publisher to join all the Affiliate Programs in our inventory and start making money online! Make sure to read the article till the end to find out how to get a 10% bonus to your first payout…

Today we will discuss Tokopedia, Blibli, Bukalapak Affiliate Programs – and you will learn how to Join the Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs in Indonesia!

It is a safe bet to work as an affiliate for Tokopedia, Blibli and Bukalapak – offers are showing continuously great performance, but also have some underwater stones to consider before you join.


Your idea to become a Tokopedia affiliate is a great one. Why? … because Tokopedia is indeed one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, followed by Bukalapak, Blibli etc.

And if you have a blog that has good traffic, you can get additional income by offering product products from Tokopedia – both inside your blog articles or by implementing attractive banners inside your blog. Of course by offering products that fit your blog niche, this way you will be able to maximize your conversions.

Tokopedia does not have a direct affiliate program on their website (the one that they have is for the Sellers to promote their store inside Tokopedia).

But fortunately, they have an affiliate offer for Indoleads publishers.

How to promote Tokopedia on

You can BECOME TOKOPEDIA AFFILIATE by joining an affiliate program in

To search for any offer available in Indoleads inventory, log in to your Indoleads account first. On the left-side panel of account dashboard, go to Offers > Lists.

By using a user-friendly search tool on Indoleas Platform, scroll the page down and type “Tokopedia” in the available search box. There you will find three Offers from Tokopedia. Choose Tokopedia CPS – Marketplace – Affiliate. After that, click View and the page will open in a new tab.

Refer to screenshot below for more details:

Inside the offer page, you will be able to see and download the available banners and generate the tracking link to post it on your blog. As simple as that! and you are ready to make money from Tokopedia sales commissions.

Regardless of the huge market share in Indonesia, Tokopedia is looking for new users to join them and are eager to offer a higher commission of up to 7% for the first-time purchase.

Please note, that Tokopedia and some other merchants have a limited budget which is updated daily/weekly/monthly, depending on the setting from the advertiser. Once the offer has reached the budget you will get an email notification to be able to divert your traffic to other offers.


Similarly to Tokopedia, Bukalapak is a major Indonesian Marketplace that offers an abundance of products to the public. By joining this affiliate program you will be able to earn up to 5% commission from every sale.

Even though Bukalapak has their own affiliate program, it will take you a long time to apply and they will apply stricter rules for individual affiliates. The convenience offered by Indoleads Affiliate Platform is you can instantly start promoting Bukalapak for free. Your websites, blogs, social media, other sources of traffic are the only capital you invest in promoting Bukalap. Your chance to get a commission is even greater if you frequently promote Bukalapak – as your audience will already get used to the amazing deals and offers you offer them.

How to promote Bukalapak on

You can BECOME BUKALAPAK AFFILIATE by joining an affiliate program in and following the simple instructions provided earlier.

One of the major benefits of this campaign is that Bukalapak allows you to create tracking links to specific products – this way you are somewhat able to control what kind of sales you will be making, thus predicting the amount of affiliate commissions, which is usually quite hard to do!

Please note that Bukalapak Affiliate Program operates on a set monthly budget, and if you do not hurry up to promote it today – you may need to wait until next month to start!

Bukalapak is a strict but fair direct advertiser with some special conditions that you need to fulfill if you wish to be their affiliate. Do make sure to have a CR (Conversion Rate) of 0,6% and above to be able to stay in the program. With good quality traffic, this is an easily achievable result, as Bukalapak has massive amounts of sales every day.


Blibli is one of Indolead’s oldest affiliate programs, this long-term partnership has proven to be beneficial for both parties time and time again.

The very famous Indonesian affiliate is Blibli. It is an online Market Place store that provides high-quality products to Indonesian customers. In addition, their customer service is one of the best in this lineup.

Blibli affiliate program has long been underway. While the commission offered from each item and category is different, please pay attention to what type of products you wish to focus on. You can earn up to 10% from each sale. Be smart while choosing which merchandise is really in demand. The best way to determine that is by keeping track of many promotions and sales Blibli has around the year.

Blibli’s product categories are very diverse, ranging from mobile phones, fashion to accessories and cheap knick-knacks. All of you who are looking for money from this trusted Indonesian Affiliate Program, join it now.

How to promote Blibli on

You can BECOME BLIBLI AFFILIATE by joining an affiliate program in

Even though Blibli does not provide their own banners, which some affiliates can consider a drawback, they allow almost all traffic sources for the promotion of their offer. Feel free to make your own display banners and/or gifs, videos, etc – anything that you are able to convert is allowed.

Another obvious benefit of this Affiliate program, contrary to the ones we have discussed before is that Blibli does not a limited daily/weekly/monthly budget. This means you will be able to have a constant flow of income coming from this offer.