Affiliate Marketing Ideas to Use During ‘Slow’ Season

Published : 11 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Want to earn more? Who does not want to?

As an affiliate marketer, you must be agile and quick in identifying opportunities and immediately find the right marketing ideas so you can run them as fast as possible.

Such an opportunity can come from anywhere. 
Everyone knows that October-December are the hottest months to run affiliate marketing campaigns. Huge Black Friday sales as well as 11.11 – are sure-fire ways to bank on the top affiliate programs. Christmas and New Year are also great for affiliate marketing (especially CPS), as they will definitely see an increase in sales. In addition, during this peak season, advertisers generally offer a higher % of commissions to stimulate the affiliates.

Does it mean affiliate marketing is only profitable from October to December? NO!

How to find the top affiliate offer and ensure a steady income in the non-holiday period? We will discuss some of  affiliate marketing ideas that you can try to use for your business!

Don’t rely only on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

Affiliates go crazy for the commissions they can get during those big sales, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 

Do your research and find out what are the seasonal holidays in your target Geos. Most likely you will find at least 5-6 more major holidays that are associated with sales in those countries. During such season sales, you have a chance of getting higher affiliate commisions, as the advertisers will be keen on providing a bigger cut.

Look for offers that have recently increased their commissions’ structure – this can result in bigger income for you if you play your cards right. 

Be prepared! 

You know that the sales season is far away now, but will you have time to get ready for it when the time comes? Start preparing the content for Chinese New Year sales in November! Get you Labour Day posts ready in February!

Ever wondered why shopping malls bring in Christmas right after Halloween? To create some anticipation for the holidays and to enforce the ideas of spending into people. You should do the same!

If you are using content marketing for your blog it will take time for Google to index your pages and give you a higher rating in the search results when you really need it. 

Try new traffic sources and promotional methods!

Whatever your affiliate marketing niche, people have equal opportunities to earn more income! the best time to try something new is the slow season. 
Never used affiliate tracking platforms? Try it! Never did media buying? Do it! Never worked with that one offer that looks promising? Give it a shot!

The seasons come and go, new affiliate offers appear, new verticals emerge, new traffic sources are getting hot…

If you have not used Google for affiliate marketing before – try it out. For example, you can display limited edition product advertisements, but you also make something unique!

For instance, let’s take travel vertical. Make a campaign whose target is buyers who will welcome the holiday. For example, you promote airplane tickets so you can target keywords such as “cheap airline tickets for to Dominicana”. Then, create specific ads and landing pages to correspond. Users who are interested in going to Dominicana will through your landing page. This keyword plays an important role in terms of representing your website so that your website ads appear when a search process by Google.

Spend some time on learning about and adding new traffic sources into your regular routine. This can help you diversify your affiliate sources and make more money in the off-season. 

Communicate with your Affiliate Manager!

Affiliate managers are the for a reason! They can help you identify top performing affiliate offers based on your traffic and target Geos. 
Indoleads is proud to have an amazing team of affiliate managers that provide outstanding support to affiliates. Our affiliate managers will be glad to give you some insights on best affiliate programs to date. It is important to keep in touch with a manager not only for checking your balance or fixing some issues but also for building affiliate partnership. Our helpful team is ready 

Do not hesitate to contact your Affiliate Manager via email or Skype for assistance or advice, we’re here to help you achieve success with Indoleads!

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