8 Killer Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Sales

Published : 12 Sep 2022   author : Irina

Black Friday is closer than you think! And here is why you should bother.

Black Friday is the first Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Traditionally, Cyber Monday is more focused on online shopping, while Black Friday is a shopping day for brick-and-mortar stores. However, pandemic turned both of these days into online shopping extravaganzas, for our (affiliate marketers) pleasure for sure.

Majority of retailers, as well as brands and companies in almost all niches give HUGE offers and deals approximately a week prior to Black Friday. People wait for it and put the most desired items to the cart well ahead – they can expect up to 80% off the price. 

The promocodes, deals and special offers are highly sought after, as people are looking for the best prices for Christmas and New Year gifts. No wonder that publishers sell their affiliate products like hot cakes.

So if you are thinking of improving affiliate sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday this November, check out all the insider tips our team has got for you. Make sure to share the post if you like it! Now, let’s sink our teeth into it!

1. The early bird gets the worm

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Start it EARLY. Don’t assume that a week before That Day will be enough. Launch your campaigns well ahead of your competitors. This advice never gets old, since every year the promo begins earlier. 

2. Do your homework

Research the products that sell fast. Yes, in general this list doesn’t change drastically, but still it’s good to check beforehand, because you don’t want to miss out on trends. Check Google trends for the most searched items/services, check your competitors, read the forums – this will help you to build a picture of what is super hot among your audience this year.

3. Make sure your gift guides are up sooner 


Gift guides are the ultimate way for encouraging your users to get into this shopping right now immediately without browsing for more ideas. People are lazy, we all are lazy after all! We don’t want to browse hundreds of stores looking for a perfect gift, we want a READY IDEA to click and buy. 

Remember this – people are looking for ready-to-go decisions. Gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for a son/daughter/niece, gifts for a best friend. Create as many as you can and then promote them heavily on the top days.

4. Your creatives better be creative

This is the busiest season of the year for retailers almost all around the world, so if your banners don’t stand out – people are out. Image, CTA, trust, social proof – use everything you can to build a creative which converts. Don’t just rely on clumsy Photoshop effects – your banner should look as professional as possible. Remember – you’re competing among thousands of other publishers.

5. Optimize your landing pages

If you use landing pages – use it to the most. Turn your landing page into a money making machine by adding  benefits, social proof, scarcity effect and powerful CTA. Remember – people are not buying the list of features, no matter how great and unique this product’s features are, they’re buying a product to fix their pain points.

Don’t forget about colors – remember, your CTA should be clearly seen, otherwise no matter how beautiful your page is it won’t convert.

6. Email marketing is very much a thing


Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails work amazingly, if you think about the whole concept and appeal to your audience’s pain points – don’t just advertise, provide solutions, describe the benefits, address the problems. The mail principle works the same as with the successful landing page – make it clear how the product can transform your user’s life. You will be surprised how good the results will be.

7. Set your targeting right

Choose the correct GEO, device, and other aspects to reach your specific target audience. There are countries which don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or some countries go big on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday is left out of scope – keep an eye on that and target wisely.

8. Test, scale, repeat

Testing is always a good idea in affiliate marketing campaigns. After all, more affiliate sales come with the risk that something in the campaign can go wrong. Start early, test, and then scale up with what is working – thus, you’re always safe and sound with your budget.

Thanksgiving week is a highly important day in any affiliate marketer’s calendar, as it opens up a myriad of opportunities for the publishers. You can’t pass up on a chance to profit from a holiday that’s actually all about spending!

Hopefully, our eight tips will help you to set yourself into a working mood and start all the affiliate marketing preparations. Remember, anyone can make money with CPA marketing, the clue is the right timing and a right strategy.

We at Indoleads can’t wait to get this shopping extravaganza started! 

Stay tuned for the hottest deals among affiliate programs, they will be delicious.