3 Nonobvious Recommendations for Affiliates That Actually Work

Published : 18 Jun 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

1. Offer a direct, honest recommendation

The power of your honest opinion cannot be underestimated. While lots of performance marketers and bloggers focus on making their product reviews and comparisons as professional as possible, the content they create often lacks a spark. And this spark is sincerity. Reviews seem generic and devoid of both a real-life context and an actual proof of usability.

The method that stands out in crowd nowadays is a direct recommendation. It usually provides readers with your unique experiences with products and services that you’ve been using.

Meanwhile, an honest recommendation has the power that any review will ever achieve.

So, here is what you have to do:

  • Don’t try to list all available features and avoid comparing them to what other vendors offer. All you have to do is to let people know what were your initial expectations and did the product meet them.
  • Let your audience know in what way had the product you wrote about (or made a video about) impacted your life and how can others benefit from using it. That’s the information people will always find valuable!

Obviously, this affiliate marketing strategy works especially well for bloggers, online communities’ opinion leaders and industry influencers. It is based on their genuine experiences with products they describe and insightful observations made while using. It takes a major advantage of the authority they built and reliability they managed to confirm over time.

Don’t expect to become an influencer by tomorrow afternoon, though. It simply takes time. However, it’s a great idea to start building your position right away. No affiliate marketing strategies are as efficient as this one.

2. Optimize your content for specific topics instead of for major keywords

Google keeps on fighting keyword targeting for a while now. Their efforts truly make affiliate marketers’ work more and more difficult every day.

While the environment for performance marketers may seem as hostile as never before, Google’s approach is a challenge you can take advantage of. Turn it into an amazing opportunity to overcome your competitors who are struggling to optimize their content to major keywords. Target specific topics typical for several long tail keywords. Instead of trying to reach number one spot in Google search engine for major keywords, focus on topics related to them, which your prospects should find enticing.

3. Offer special deals to your customers

It’s seems quite obvious that affiliate marketers need to have an opportunity to provide their customers with unique offers. Promoting a product or service without anything special to give makes it much more difficult. After all, wouldn’t you click on an affiliate link if it led to a great deal on a product you wanted to buy anyway? It is so simple, yet overlooked advice.

Wrapping it up

Don’t be afraid to try new forms of communication and new formats of content. Being innovative is what can make you stand out in crowd and succeed. Also, you might not become an influencer by tomorrow afternoon. And it’s ok. It simply takes time. However, it’s a great idea to start building your position right away. Don’t forget to check out our other advices as well, you will definitely find something that will work for you!

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