15% of sales with CPA: how the Skillbox affiliate program works

Published : 01 Jun 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

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Skillbox is a Russian online education company founded in 2016. The controlling stake of Skilbox LLC (70 %) belongs to Mail.ru Group. The company is considered the leader of the Russian market of professional online training. It is also a leader in teaching professions related to the digital economy and online advertising.

The Skillbox educational platform was launched in 2016. The company was founded by Igor Koropov (1989-2020) and Dmitry Krutov. Later, they were joined by Andrey Anishchenko and Sergey Popkov. Dmitry Krutov has been the CEO of the company since its foundation.

Skillbox has twice received the “Runet Award”: in 2018 in the category “Education and Personnel”, and in 2019 in the category “Technology and Innovation”.

In February 2019 Mail.Ru The Group acquired 3 % of the company, then increased its stake to 10.33% in March, and finally to 60.33 % in December of the same year. According to the annual report Mail.Ru Group, the controlling stake of the company cost it 1.6 billion rubles.

In November 2019, RBC included the company in the ranking of the 35 largest EdTech companies in Russia, placing Skillbox in 6th place. In 2020, in the ranking of the top 10 largest EdTech companies compiled by RBC, Skillbox moved to the 2nd place.

The company also has a Career Development Center with employment programs, a platform for webinars and Lectures.

Skillbox is powered by the innovative Skillbox 2.0 (LMS) platform, designed for high-performance online learning.

The educational platform cooperates with more than 90 partner companies and 500 teachers in the development of online courses, diploma projects and assistance to students in finding employment.

More than 150 thousand students have already been trained on the platform.

Skillbox is the leader of the segment of additional professional online education according to the Interfax Academy research in 2020, the leader of the RBC rating of EdTech companies for the second quarter of 2020, the winner of the Runet award in the categories “Education and Personnel” (2018, 2020) and “Technologies and Innovations” (2019).


It’s too early to say that Skillbox is an online university, but it may become one over time. And now this service is the following:

  • For a set fee, Skillbox provides its customers with online access to training materials for a paid course: video lectures, master classes, webinars, video tutorials, and practical classes. Each student is assigned a curator.
  • Regularly, in accordance with the chosen course, the student receives tasks for independent implementation. Independent work is necessary to consolidate the studied material. The curator checks the practical tasks within 48 hours and sends his comments within the next 24 hours. Tests can be used to assess knowledge.
  • According to the results of the study, completed tasks and passed tests, the client is provided with a certificate of self-study in the chosen profession.
  • Courses lasting from a few weeks to 1 year allow you to master a specific professional skill or tool and add it to your resume.
    Training programs lasting more than 1 year allow you to master a specialty from scratch*, build a portfolio, prepare a resume and find a job guaranteed already in the course of training.
  • Most of the popular professions that the Skillbox platform offers are suitable for remote work. Your future employer can be located in any country in the world.

Advantages of the Skillbox platform

The main advantage of the Skillbox platform is an online training, which allows you to master a popular profession from anywhere in the country and around the world. Other advantages include the following:

  • A wide range of modern educational programs in the most popular professions, many of which are ideal for remote work. More than 180 training programs in 4 areas: programming, design, marketing, management.
  • The online university of Skillbox employs more than 200 teachers, each of whom is a recognized professional in their field.
  • Completed homework will become the basis of your future portfolio, which is necessary for profitable employment.
  • The thesis at the end of the course will not only be an additional case in the portfolio, but also an opportunity to get a job with one of the partners of this course. The best graduates receive offers from partner employers right at the defense.
  • The customer of the educational program can cancel it within 14 days after payment and send an application to Skillbox for a refund to the email address [email protected] The application specifies the reason for the rejection of the program and the personal data that allows the applicant to be identified on the online university platform.

What is the Skillbox Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a system in which the partner receives advertising materials, places them on their website or social network account, and receives money when the user clicks on their advertising on the site and makes a purchase. In addition to the usual content marketing, other ways of “mining” traffic are also allowed — for example, setting up contextual advertising. The partner has the right to independently choose the tools that work best for their audience — it is not the coverage that is important, but the perfect target action.

What does working with an affiliate program look like?

Individuals or legal entities can register for the program. If the partner is an individual, simply create an account on the program’s website, agree to the terms and conditions and start working. A legal entity enters into a contract with an intermediary-an agency that deals with the entire operating system.

Grades vary depending on the season. For example, autumn is the “hottest” period for selling online courses, so at this time we are improving the conditions for partners. At the same time, the earnings are not limited — the better the result, the more money the partner receives. So, the creator of the aggregator of online courses for a year of work with the partner program earned 5 million rubles — of which the net revenue was about half.

How to become a partner Skillbox?

You will be able to find our unique offer on the site and start moving forward with Skillbox.

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