Top 11 Affiliate Offers For 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Published : 23 Oct 2019   author : Irina

Started by university students in China as a day when single people would celebrate being single and buy things for themselves, now November 11th is the world’s largest retail event, having eclipsed Cyber Weekend sales globally for the last 2 years. Of course, you don’t have to be single to enjoy the sales. Plenty of couples and families take advantage of the opportunity to indulge and spend.

What are people buying? Everything! Consumers in over 220 countries participate in Singles’ Day shopping. How are people buying? While most shoppers scout what they want to buy online, it’s recommended to know what you want in your cart prior to 12:01 AM on 11/11. Items run out of stock and the hot deals go fast, if you spend too much time browsing you could miss out. What does that mean? Your users simply cannot resist this temptation to buy. As this “Day X” gets closer and closer, being affiliate marketer you’d better stay tuned and focused. That’s why we at Indoleads prepared the best e-commerce offers for you! Just grab your cup of hot chocolate and let’s get started!

1. Gearbest Affiliate Program

Payout: up to 50%

GEO: worldwide

Gearbest is an online B2C online store specializing in electronic products, gadgets, and fashion menswear. Fans of gadgets or simply those who are attracted to all sorts of technical devices with low prices might be delighted with this electronic giant. Huge discounts, free or low-cost shipping, English customer-service – isn’t it perfect? With payouts up to 50% it certainly is. So this offer is a real deal.

Gearbest receives over 5 million clicks from Indoleads platform every month, but there is more room for growth for this offer. The countries with the most conversion are healthy mix of Europe and Americas, so if you have traffic for Portugal, France, United States or Brazil or any neighboring country – this is a great CPS affiliate offer for you.

You can BECOME GEARBEST AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.

2. Banggood Affiliate Program

Payout: 6%

GEO: worldwide

As a B2C platform Banggood appears to sell a little bit of everything: electronics, clothing, accessories, beauty products, and even more. Free or low-cost shipping as in the best traditions of Chinese online stores. The reviewers claim the prices here are very lucrative with one of the fastest deliveries possible.

Banggood is one of the oldest running CPS affiliate programs on Indoleads platform. 6% commissions are bringing good results for our affiliates on average. 1.46% CR is a great indicator that this offer is performing as one of our top offers.

You can BECOME BANGGOOD AFFILIATE with Indoleads and start promoting this awesome offer today!

3. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Payout: up to 9%

GEO: worldwide

Of course, we couldn’t miss the hugest e-commerce platform. Also, we have analysed Aliexpress CPS offer before in contrast to Amazon – guess who won this battle? You can read about it in this blog post.

Who doesn’t know this great Chinese online shopping platform where everyone can buy everything from buttons to washing machines? Aliexpress is a true C2C platform, as it unites thousands of individuals and small companies who sell their goods through this service, while Aliexpress provides logistics support, as well as oversees the whole shopping process to keep it safe and transparent. Shipping is almost always free, and the buyer protection is the sign of amazing customer service.

On average this massive CPS offer is able to attract over 500 thousands conversions a month in Indoleads Network, with pretty great 0,85% CR. This offer converts extremely well in Europe, such countries like Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Germany are among the best.

You can BECOME ALIEXPRESS AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads Affliate Network even today!

4. TVC-Mall Affiliate Program

TVC-Mall a fast-growing and leading supplier of replacement parts and accessories for cell phones, tablets and other devices. Once a trading company, TVC-Mall has been a leading supplier of cell phone parts and accessories in China. Years into meeting the needs of its global buyers, TVC-Mall’s product lines have expanded to also cover accessories and spare parts for tablets and other devices, all well categorized with a full spectrum of brands and models, making TVC-Mall one of the most preferred platform to discover and purchase the latest spare parts and accessories for devices.

TVC-Mall affiliate program is bringing the most conversions on Indoleads platform from the US, FR, DE, AU, UK, CA, PL, BR, RO countries, with an average payout of USD5.

You can BECOME TVC-Mall AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads Affliate Network even today!

5. Geekbuying Affiliate Program

Payout: 6%

GEO: worldwide

This is an online B2C platform with smartphones, laptops, TV boxes, smart watches, drones amongst it’s the most popular products. From big to small brands items, all newest trends are easily found in this online store. Shipments are operated from different warehouses located in various parts of the world. Discount coupons, almost every day, a big range of sale items – so yes, say “hi” to all true passionate tech enthusiasts.

The CR of this CPS offer is quite comparable to the Aliexpress results – 0.84%. Overall, this is a great offer for bloggers who are interested in technology, gadgets and/or product reviews. Target Geos should include – France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, etc.

You can BECOME GEEKBUYING AFFILIATE today and enjoy great results from this campaign.

6. (Deal Extreme) Affiliate Program

Payout: up to 5%

GEO: worldwide

Established in 2005, DX is one of China’s original direct B2C e-commerce retailers and continues to be a leading retailer today with over 1 million customers and 400 suppliers. DX has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in the industry with over 4000 categories, 200,000 items and 150 daily additions, ranging from the latest technical gadgets to fashionable clothing. Its high-class customer service as well as all-year long sales have attracted millions of customers.

You can BECOME AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.

7. Tomtop Affiliate Program

Payout: 9%

GEO: worldwide

It Is one of the biggest online wholesale and retail B2C platforms with a strong focus on electronic gadgets, accessories and other coolest tech products of all types with very lucrative prices. Daily-use products, as well as the items for house and garden, are also presented here, so the choice is really impressing. By the way, Tomtop is one of the best suppliers of Alibaba since 2006, which adds points to its credibility.

TomTop CPS affiliate program is significant for its high approval rates, which makes it quite profitable for our publishers. As it is popular in Tier-1 countries – the average payout is relatively high, compared to the rest of the offers in this lineup.

You can BECOME TOMTOP AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads and getting your tracking link within only 2 minutes! Start earning today!

8. Lazada Affiliate Program

Payout: up to 14%


Lazada is a pioneer of e-commerce (online shopping) and is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world that offers a fast, safe and comfortable online shopping experience. Their products have an incredible range in categories:  from fashion, electronic equipment, household appliances, children’s toys, and sports equipment, to fashion apparel and makeup items. Lazada always strives to provide the best to its customers by offering several methods of payment, free returns, good customer service, and commitment guarantees.

As the best online shopping site in Malaysia and South-east Asia in general, Lazada always provides countless product lines that are updated every day. And Lazada always ensures that you get the latest and best deals through the promos they run.

Lazada is accepting conversions made on their APP, however, Lazada Vietnam is open to accept the conversions from desktop, mobile web as well as in-app traffic!

You can BECOME LAZADA AFFILIATE by joining an affiliate program in

9. Affiliate Program

Payout: 15%

GEO: many

DressLily is a leading online fashion shop that offers the latest clothing & accessories at unbeatable prices with Global Free Shipping. The products mainly cover both women and men clothing, as well as home décor pieces. The customer service is top-notch, so shopping is safe and pleasurable.

Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion styles, both attire and stunning accessories, the store features thousands of the newest product lines, providing maximum choice and convenience to their discerning clientele.

Dresslily affiliate program is bringing in hundreds of conversions for – AU,CA,FR,DE,NL,GB,US. Amazing offer to promote on Google as they allow Brand+coupon/promo code. Example: dresslily coupon.

You can BECOME DRESSLILY AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.

10. Shopee Vietnam Affiliate Program

Payout: up to 10%


Shopee is a Singaporean e-commerce platform launched in Singapore in 2015, and since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It serves users in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to buy and sell products online. Due to the mobile and social element built within the concept, Shopee was described as one of the “5 disruptive e-commerce startups we saw in 2015” by Tech In Asia. The range of products covers almost everything from smartphones to most fashionable outfits. So, literally, no one can resist shopping here.

Indoleads offer the Shopee Affiliate program in Vietnam – as this is the fastest-growing market for Shopee and in the e-commerce scene. With frequent sales and hard to resist discounts – this is a great offer to promote in Vietnam!

You can BECOME SHOPEE AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.

11. BelleLily Affiliate Program

Payout: 19%


Belle Lily is a fashion store specialized exclusively on women clothing. The founders have had more than 10 years offline fashion branch experience and business connections, which made it possible for to become so successful with their online store.

It’s literally a clothing Narnia, where one can buy women’s tops, swimwear and dresses online, and shop from more than 10000 styles at an affordable price. The widest choice of the outfits for almost all possible occasions.

Bellelily Affiliate Program is attracting new publishers with 2.39% CR and average payouts of $10 it’s a perfect offer to run during the 11.11 sales!

You can BECOME Belle Lily AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.

Wrapping It Up

Singles Day is a great opportunity, so make sure you will not miss it, and join these amazing campaigns right now. Just imagine, making a billion dollars in sales in the first 90 seconds of a 24-hour shopping event sounds like a dream come true for many retailers — and Chinese tech giant Alibaba managed to do just that last year. No doubts this year it will definitely break its records. And you gonna be a part of it! So what you waiting for?

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