Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Latin America

Published : 21 Apr 2022   author : Irina

Latin America is one of the regions with one of the most vibrant eCommerce markets. Affiliate marketing is a great way to use this eCommerce boom for your benefits. If you want to monetize your audience in this region, stay with us and you will learn the best affiliate programs in Latin America to make money in 2022.     

Why Latin America?

According to HKTDC research, Brazil and Mexico are the biggest markets in Latin America. Brazil had the largest share of GDP in 2020, with 33%, followed by Mexico at 25%. Brazil also boasts the biggest population in the region with over 200 million people, while Mexico’s population stands at 130 million. Chile has the highest per capita income among the top 10 Latin American economies, at US$13,000, followed by Costa Rica at $12,000, Argentina at $8,500 and Mexico at $8,500. The region’s average per capita income is $8,100.

Latin America harbors roughly 300 million digital buyers, a figure forecast to grow over 20 percent by 2025. Although the adoption of eCommerce in this part of the world is still lower than in other emerging regions, online retail sales in Latin America are expected to hit 160 billion by 2025 according to Statista. On a regional level, Brazil and Mexico compete for the spotlight, accounting for 31% and 28$ of the Latin American eCommerce market, respectively. However, other economies such as Argentina, Peru, and Colombia have been drawing increasing attention due to their swift growth.

Pandemic and the state of eCommerce 

The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred phenomenal growth in eCommerce in Latin America. As more and more consumers turn to online shopping via mobile phones, shopping platforms are luring cross-border eCommerce traders to expand into this part of the world. Countries in the region are also ramping up efforts to foster eCommerce, ushering in a period of vibrant market development over the next few years.

As the pandemic rolled across the globe, online purchases have become a new market norm, and according to some surveys, 73% of Latin American consumers have downloaded mobile phone shopping apps during the pandemic. The online purchase ratio in Peru and Colombia is close to 70%, whereas the share of online bank accounts in Chile is over 70%. 

According to the HKTDC survey, 70% of online shoppers said they would continue shopping online and using electronic payments after the pandemic. Consequently many Latin American countries are taking the opportunity to boost eCommerce development. Colombia has rolled out policies to foster eCommerce, while other countries have eased restrictions on internet and mobile phone services, with Chile lowering taxes on mobile phone purchases. Analytics expects brisk growth in eCommerce in most Latin American countries in the next few years, predicting that the market in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru will grow by over 35% annually.

1. New Indoleads CPL Program for Mercado Bitcoin – Exclusive

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.26.55

Founded in 2013, Mercado Bitcoin is a pioneer in Brazil’s cryptocurrency market and one of the biggest players in Latin America. In 2018, it started offering alternative assets and making them more accessible to those who wanted to diversify their portfolio. With over 2 million registered customers and over 12 billion reais in deals until 2019, the company saw its platform’s usage volume grow 15-fold in the past 18 months. And expectations for the next 2 to 3 years are even greater, a 100-200x expansion. Mercado Bitcoin supports Brazilian Reals (BRL), offering BRL pairs for BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, and USDC. MB has launched in 2019 MB Digital Assets, an asset tokenization initiative that has issued more than BRL 25 MM in asset-backed tokens.

In 2020, Mercado Bitcoin was chosen by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) as one of the 25 most trusted exchanges in the world. The company was also one of the first to follow the Normative Instruction of the Federal Revenue. After raising US$ 200 million from Softbank Latin America Fund in 2021, Mercado Bitcoin became Brazil’s latest unicorn, the name given to technology companies worth more than US$ 1 billion.

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Payout: BRL39.00

2. Netshoes Affiliate Program (Brazil) 

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.28.40

Netshoes is a Brazilian online store of sporting goods. The company was established in 2000 as a sports shoes store, but quickly turned into a sporting goods chain store across the country. 

Nowadays Netshoes sells a wide range of sports clothing, shoes, accessories and equipment. Here one can find all top brands: Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Columbia, Calvin Klein and many more. Also the store features accessories for gadgets and sports food supplements. Netshoes is the official representative of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in Latin America and is responsible for the administration of online shops for the Puma, Havaianas, Globo Esporte, Oakley, Timberland, Topper, Mizuno and UFC trademarks.

This store is already one of the most popular in Brazil when it comes to shopping sporting goods. Sign up here and start promoting Netshoes.

Payout: 7%

3. BxBlue Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.29.55

Bxblue is a marketplace for personal loans in Brazil targeting pensioners and government workers as they can take loans secured by their guaranteed income. In Brazil, popular personal loan products are available mostly to government employees and pensioners. Lenders offer attractive personal loans to this group because their income is regular and guaranteed, and the banks can automatically deduct payments directly from a borrower’s paycheck. Payroll secured loans represent 60% of the personal loans in the country. 

From the borrower’s perspective, these loans are attractive because there’s not only the ease of repayment and minimal risk of default, but also the rates are much better than what they’d be able to get by financing purchases with a credit card. About 20% of Brazilians fall into this category of borrowers, and they take out more than $40 billion in personal loans each year. Through its proprietary technology platform, BxBlue provides services that allow customers to compare the payroll loan options available for their profile, the rates practiced by banks, and to finalize the contract digitally, without having to go to the bank. The company receives a commission on the value of each loan made through the platform.

You can start promoting BxBlue services here and offer your audience a really working financial solution.

Payout: BRL 39 – 52

4. UOL Meu Negócio Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.31.27

UOL Meu Negócio offers a wide range of web development services that will help put a business on the map and start making a profit. Their staff comprises experienced specialists in the field of web development, SEO promotion and email services implementation. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has become one of the most popular in this sphere in Brazil. 

The service has a great website builder, which provides hundreds of templates for all kinds of websites, both individual and corporate. One of its most striking features is an eCommerce website builder that simply creates an online store from scratch. It allows a customer to create a fully-equipped online store in minutes, even without any experience or technical knowledge. The client just needs to choose the template, easily edit it and voila! The website is fresh and ready to boost one’s business goals. Also, their absolutely free collection of amazing professional images comes in handy, because users don’t have to buy any from a third party. 

UOL Meu Negócio’s website templates load super fast, are well-structured and are already adapted both for desktops and mobile phones, which will really help the business appear in Google results. All the websites are hosted on UOL Host. UOL Meu Negocio also offers domain registration services as well as business email hosting services. It means the customer can purchase a domain, create a professional website and start receiving emails in a couple of minutes. 

Want to get your share of UOL Meu Negócio’s sales? Join here and start earning!

Payout: USD 10 – 15

5. Zattini Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.32.11

Zattini is an online store operated by Netshoes. Here the range of goods represented on Netshoes is widened by the clothes, shoes and accessories not only for sport, but also for comfortable lifestyle. Here one can shop for the products of world-known brands – Nike, Puma, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera – as well as of local brands. Zattini features an extensive range of makeup, skincare, hair care and nail products. There are a lot of deals on Zattini – combos of several products – so customers can save by buying more. 

Zattini has the same top-notch customer service and logistics as its parent company – Netshoes. So everyone buying here can be sure – the products are genuine branded products and will be delivered in no time right to the doorstep. 

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Payout: 10%

6. STZ Affiliate Program

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STZ (the Studio Z) is one of the largest self-service shoe store chains in Brazil and one  of the biggest online stores. Here anyone can find the most amazing trendy shoes for any occasion and all at affordable prices. 

The company follows the concept of fast fashion by bringing its customers the latest fashion trends in no time and at the best prices. Shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals, and stilettos and many more can be found here. It’s an ultimate destination for shopping for a whole family, because STZ didn’t forget about anyone: shoes for women, men, kids and teenagers. Every day there are more than 50,000 customers in their brick-and-mortar stores and triple that number on their website.

STZ offers a variety of brands to choose from: Adidas, New Balance, Fila, Cartago, Nike, Olympikus, Usaflex and many more. Everyday deals and frequent sales make it one of the most popular stores, as we all know how much happiness it brings when you finally purchase the highly desired pair of shoes with the biggest discount possible! 

Shoes aren’t the only category STZ specializes in, they also offer a great selection of bags, backpacks, belts, scarfs, socks, hats, cushions, stationary products. All of them are trendy and of great quality. If you want to get your share of STZ sales, sign up here and start your earning journey! 

Payout: 6%

7. Maderkit Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.34.36

Maderkit is a Colombian online furniture and home design items store. It is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of kit ready-to-assemble furniture for home and office. The company has been manufacturing high-quality and stylish furniture for over a decade and has always considered the convenience of their customers as their priority.

All their furniture has the highest quality standards, and each piece of furniture is the commitment of the company to offer their customers a functional, useful item that adjusts to their needs. That is why Maderkit takes care of every detail: resistant and environmentally friendly materials, practical and easy-to-assemble designs, constant innovation and the quality you deserve, fully satisfying your requirements. No wonder millions of people, and not only in Colombia have already purchased from here and have become Maderkit’s loyal customers.  

Here one can shop for kitchen, bedroom, studyroom, bathroom, living room furniture. All the items are categorized into different groups, so that it’s easy to find the piece of furniture you need. There are everyday deals here, reduced prices for some categories of products and seasonal sales. Maderkit provides a fast delivery and a variety of payment options. Maderkit’s products are sold both nationally and internationally, in Colombia they can be found in large stores and specialized sales. It’s kit furniture for home and offices is also exported to the countries of Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel and Bolivia.

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Payout: 7%

8. UOL Sport Club Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.35.55

Watching NBA and UEFA games is one of the most enjoyable time spending activities for millions of people worldwide, and now with UOL Sport Club Brazilians can watch their favorite games as much time as they want. UOL Sport Club provides streaming plans to watch all NBA games, so if your audience is into this, they will definitely love UOL Sport Club Affiliate Offer. 

With UOL Sport Club anyone in Brazil can watch NBA, TNT sports stadium and Northeast cup games and this is not every streaming service can offer, since a lot of other services struggle to get nationally televised games. The local channels can be an issue and that is the case with most streaming services due to the rights. With the number of televised games out right now, this is a great package for the casual fan. There are two plans available: Artiller Combo and Champion Combo, which easily get access to sports games available on TV, desktops and mobile gadgets. 

Sports games are something millions of people can’t live without. When it comes to NBA and UEFA games, many fans are ready to save money on essentials, but will still pay any money to watch their favorite teams. With UOL Sport Club anyone can watch games wherever they go on all supported devices. It’s super easy and considering the convenience of the service, the plans’ fee is really moderate. We bet there are so many people among your audience who are big basketball or football fans, that’s why this offer will be especially valuable for them. 

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Payout: BRL22.75 (USD4.55)

9. Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 19 at 09.07.45 is a world-famous hotel booking service, which connects millions of hotels and apartments around the world with customers. is a Dutch online travel agency for lodging reservations and other travel products, and a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. It was founded in Amsterdam and is headquartered there. The website has over 28 million accommodation listings, including over 6.2 million listings alone of homes, apartments and other unique places to stay. The website is available in 43 languages.

Nowadays is a number one lodging reservations service for millions of people. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, makes it easy and backs it all up with 24/7 customer support. The conditions of booking almost always depend on how much in advance a customer books the lodging. The more time there is before actual check-in the more flexible the conditions are. That’s why so many people book hotel deals several months in advance, thus they get cheaper prices and more flexible conditions in case of canceling. 

Also, there are so many deals here, especially for hotel booking. The service provides reduced prices for particular hotels or destinations for some period of time. After registration on the platform all members automatically receive bonuses for every booking made here: the more booking customers make, the higher their status is, and the more discounts they get for new bookings. In addition to lodging reservations, here one can also rent a car or book a transfer, book a flight and an excursion in the destination country. 

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Payout: 3%

10. Telhanorte Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 18 at 17.38.11

Telhanorte is a Brazilian retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies. With up to 50,000 products under one roof, Telhanorte store offers everything that’s needed to make a better home and garden. This store is for everyone who is planning a renovation at their home or constantly needs high-quality stuff for professional use. 

Nowadays Telhanorte is a leading Brazilian retailer for building materials with approx. 2 billion reais in revenue and 4,000 employees. It is a unique home center that offers the complete solution to reconsider, execute and optimize renovation work. The store is a part of one of the largest retailers of construction material in the country, belonging to the French group Saint-Gobain, one of the largest in the world.

There are 46 stores and multichannels, providing more convenience and proximity to the customer. At their website everyone can choose and order any piece of material from floor coverings to furniture. The website is user-friendly and very intuitive: by filtering according to numerous categories anyone can narrow down their search to exactly the products they need. Telhanorte not only provides materials for a perfect renovation, but also has thousands of interior decoration ideas which are interesting and modern. One can search for building materials and also take a look at the complete interior solutions provided by professional designers. Also here one can find thousands of house organization products: cute baskets and boxes for the bathroom, decoration pieces and all these stuff which make a home a true home.

The company has a great customer service which is always happy to provide useful advice on the products, as we all know how confusing it could be when choosing some tools. Customers can ask their questions via online chats, by giving a call or sending email. Also, the company is famous for its super fast delivery, which is of great importance nowadays considering the fact that any remodeling is very time-sensitive and usually needs to be done precisely on the planned day. 

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Payout: 8%

Wrapping It Up

Latin America has a tremendous opportunity for growth in both the number of new digital buyers and how much those buyers spend online, on average. Forecasts call for the number of digital buyers to increase from 172 million to 435 million by 2031, while digital spend per buyer is expected to increase roughly 3.5-fold over the same period. 

Affiliate marketing is all about catching opportunities. If you have an audience in Latin American countries, join us and choose the best offers. We have hundreds of affiliate programs from top-notch advertisers in all profitable niches for Latin American audience. The best time to start making serious money is now!

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