Reddit: Unleashed and Ready To Boost Your Traffic

Published : 02 Jul 2020   author : Indoleads Bot

Reddit is a news aggregation site ranked #19 globally, #11 in the United States by Similarweb. Over 1.5 million monthly visitors come to the site to read, post and vote on various topics. That’s why being an affiliate marketers we simply can’t miss such an amazing traffic source out. Because of the popularity of the site, it is key to learn how to make money online with Reddit. This can be done by promoting products or services with affiliate marketing in the proper Reddit category.


There are thousands of topics and categories on Reddit that thousand of people use everyday. Users post content that informs and helps others based on the subreddit topic. The Reddit community is strict, and spamming is frowned upon and sure to get you get kicked out fast. We will focus on helping others solve their problems or inquiries, and not just spam our affiliate offer


It’s Your Karma


Reddit is all about community. What does that mean? It’s primary aim to gather people who are interested in some particular topics and can be useful to each other.


Users are able to discuss and vote on each other’s content and build strong networks with others in similar niches and with similar interests. Spamming is discouraged and even deleted. To help manage that, Reddit uses what is called “karma” points. A user gets karma points by community members up-voting the content and links they put out. Posting unrelated content that creates down-votes will make leads to limits from Reddit of the amount and frequency of posting.


Reddit weighs and ranks posts by something called Karma. Karma is based on how helpful you have been on the site. The more active you are posting and commenting the more Karma you gain. Certain group topics (subreddits) require you to have a certain amount of Karma built up before you can join. The more Karma you have the more exposure your posts can receive.


What is a good Karma?


A good Karma to aim for is between 500–1000, work to have at least 10 post upvoted and 10 comments upvoted. These conditions met you should gain access to most any of subreddits, but still it’s better to check the requirements of the specific ones.


How to Begin


The Reddit community is truly a community. Spamming the site with affiliate links will not go over to well there. Remember Reddit is a news aggregate website at its core, so they do not frown upon you linking out. But each subreddit is moderated differently. You just need to read the subreddit rules, be tactful and a deliver affiliate promo with flair.


To do this you have to start out by participating quite a bit. You’ll have to wait a while to post anything. The site is infamous for rejecting any form of sales, and if you go on Reddit right now and try to market your site, you’ll get torn apart in moments. You can still use Reddit to get traffic, but you have to walk on eggshells at first. New accounts are largely distrusted on Reddit. Many people will create accounts and immediately spam their product or service. In order to gain the trust of the subreddits you’re targeting, you need to start off by posting in them. In order to get a sense of what each subreddit values, click on the “Top” tab. This will show you the most popular submissions for this particular subreddit. You can also choose the timeframe by choosing the option in the upper left-hand corner, so you can even see the most popular posts of all time. The top results will be different for each subreddit, and they’ll help you understand what kind of content you should post there.


Participation is a king here. If you jump in and post about your site with a brand new account, you’ll get countless downvotes, and the subreddit will probably shun you.


How long should you post before start promoting anything? Roughly saying, about three or four weeks, at minimum, before posting anything that leads to your site. In the meantime, you can submit links and start discussions with text posts, but don’t mention your site for about a month. Your goal is to build some positive karma. Once you’ve done that (lots of upvotes on your submissions), you can mention your site in a post, but you have to do it in a very specific way.


Start Posting


Since you already know what type of content each subreddit finds valuable, your goal is to create and submit something awesome and helpful. Each subreddit has different preferences in the content, so you should keep in mind all the specifics of each community.


For some subreddits it’s best to create a long, detailed piece of content. But others are all about precise and clear pieces.


So, here you are, ready to post. Firstly, remember, it all starts with a great title. On Reddit, optimizing your title will make sure your post gets seen. Each subreddit has about 25 submissions per page. You have to stand out from the 24 other posts, and that’s difficult if your title isn’t irresistible. Second, use certain tags if applicable. Take a look around each subreddit and look for tags people are using. If any of them apply to your post, use them in your submission title. Some subreddits also require tags with posts, so make sure to check the sidebar and FAQ before posting.


What you get by doing so? Precious traffic of course! Take a look at the posts below to learn how smooth and gentle you can grab the audience’s attention


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image 1 1024x340


Build a landing page


As it always goes, there is an alternative, but quite similar approach in gaining the traffic from reddit. A good way to do that is to build a bridge page where you give something away that your audience would find value in and that could help them. It could be a case study, e-book or templates. That bridge page is linked to your affiliate link and when they click the button to get your gift, it sends them to the affiliate offer you’re sharing.


As providing value is always first and foremost, having a bridge page means giving the audience something truly useful and thus, helps you avoid spamming and will get you more up-votes. Providing value will get you more up-votes, more link clicks, and a more loyal audience.


This bridge or landing page can be atwitter account. How? Easily!


Create your twitter page


You can use an old twitter or an existing twitter as your landing page. As you’ll be linking directly to tweets you can create a new one or use the existing, it’s totally up to you. A good idea is to go for a general “deals/savings” type page. Pick a corresponding avatar and a nice cover photo. Here is what you have to keep in mind:


-Name: A real name.


-Twitter link: something generic or brandable related to the sick savings or offers you’ll be posting on your website.


-Affiliate Disclaimer: put one in your twitter bio. It is generally a requirement by many affiliate programs, so treat your twitter page the same as your regular website.


-Your tweet – composition is simple. Just post the deal/offer in the tweet, and include specifics. Is it 40% off? Include it. Then include the item. You can also include how much the regular price is. You’re just trying to sell them on how sick this deal is.


-Your link to the deal.


-Hash tags: add related ones to the product, as there is no reason to miss out on potential, organic twitter viewers looking for the same deal.


– Image of the product.


Copy the link to the tweet.


How to post on Reddit


There are several ways to do so, but we will concentrate on this one, as it’s quite unusual and relatively safe for getting banned. You can post as someone who just happened upon the deal but are unsure about it.


This product is on sale for 40% Off. Is it worth it? Anyone tried it?




I just found this deal on Twitter. Looks lucrative, any thoughts?


People naturally upvote these posts if you’re appealing to them right. And in the case of this text post, the people commenting on the post will literally sell the product for you.


Final thoughts


Reddit is a fantastic website to get direct traffic from if you know how to appeal to the people there. It might seem time-consuming, but the efforts are paying off, taking into consideration its monthly audience which is constantly rising. The more you browse Reddit, the more you’ll recognize how to appeal to users, as well as think of various twists you can put on this method.

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