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Published : 02 Jun 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Let us tell you why affiliates and webmasters should not neglect teaser networks. With the right and reasonable approach, you can buy cheap targeted traffic there.

Affiliate marketing and traffic arbitration are completely different concepts. This also includes CPA marketing — it is a special case of affiliate marketing.

You say-what does affiliate marketing have to do with it? But do not rush to draw conclusions — let’s look into this in more detail!

What is affiliate marketing?

There are a huge number of advertisers on the Internet – tens, hundreds of thousands. And many of them are represented in Partner Networks (CPA networks) in different directions (in different niches).

There is an advertiser who sells a specific product. This product costs a certain amount of money. Part of this money is provided for deduction to its partners, who will make sales of this product.

You, as a partner of this advertiser, can choose from a huge number of its offers that you like. This can be ordinary eCommerce (shoes, clothing, consumer goods), household appliances, electronics (phones, computers), online games, travel companies, Chinese goods, etc.

Then you connect to the advertiser’s partner program of your choice and start providing information (advertising) this product to other people. The ways of presenting this information will be discussed below…

Next, these people come to the advertiser’s website, perform a target action there – the purchase of this product (leave money). And the advertiser leaves you a part of this money. This is your earned commission.

Thus, Affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is an absolutely legal pure market associated with the distribution of ordinary white goods (for the most part, other goods are not considered).

The meaning of affiliate marketing is that advertisers of the product are willing to pay you for the fact that you will lead potential buyers to it on the site. And they will buy his product or perform other targeted actions (which we will consider later).

Affiliate marketing as one of the ways to earn money on the Internet.

There are several basic ways to make money online:

– eCommerce (e-commerce).
– SEO – promotion of resources.
– Advertising on your own content: promoted public posts in social networks, maintaining your own blogs with high traffic, etc.
– Info business (creation and sale of information products).
– Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing.
– Traffic arbitration.

In principle, despite all the variety of ways to earn — the basic model of earnings is the same:

— There are Goods and People who can buy them.
— It is necessary to” correctly ” present the product to these people.
– People buy the product, and you get your commission…
This model also works in traffic arbitration. As it may seem — Traffic Arbitrage is found together with CPA marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing-the difference from Traffic Arbitration

Traffic arbitration and Affiliate Marketing are two different concepts. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Affiliate marketing is a standard way to earn your commission by selling someone else’s product. In this case, it is not necessary to have your own product, you just need to help sell someone else’s product.

As a life example: any regular or online store that sells Coca-Cola is engaged in affiliate marketing.

But CPA marketing is a special case of any affiliate marketing. But it has the only difference — in CPA marketing, you get paid for certain targeted actions that were performed by the buyer, lead, or request that you provided.

The main advantage of the CPA model is efficiency: the advertiser pays after he receives the desired action, which means that he will not lose the marketing budget. The advertiser’s partner is also vitally interested in the result — the win-win principle works.

Who is suitable for the CPA model

CPA marketing is well suited for those who have a simple and understandable (“mass”) product with a wide audience.

Is the CPA model suitable for you? Checklist:

  • The product is aimed at the B2C audience and is suitable for promotion on the Internet
  • Product-mass production
  • The price of the product is competitive, and if the product also has bonuses (free shipping, gift) – this is an advantage
  • There is a technical possibility to install a pixel on your site
  • Your product has a wide geography
  • The bid that you are ready to offer the webmaster is not lower than the market rate


What is an offer and how to make it?

An offer is an offer from an advertiser for webmasters, which it publishes in the partner network. In fact, this is the equivalent of a brief for an advertising campaign.

The main rule: the more detailed and attractive the offer, the higher the chance to find a suitable partner.

What does a correctly filled offer contain?

  • Advertiser name
  • Product Description. The essence of the offer, the target audience, the geography of the campaign.
  • Information about what is considered a paid action. Payment, filling out the form, installing the app, downloading.
  • The amount of remuneration for the webmaster. To determine the cost of an offer, you need to analyze your economy, understand how much you are willing to pay for the conversion, and be sure to study the offers of competitors with a similar offer – this can be done on different sites or on a special resource.
  • Permitted and prohibited methods of promotion. For example, advertisers often place contextual ads with brand references themselves, so webmasters are forbidden to use them, so as not to create competition for themselves.
  • Explanation of creatives. You need to indicate whether webmasters can produce their own creatives and how to coordinate them, or specify that you can only use the advertiser’s creatives and provide them (for example, in large companies, it may be prohibited to use any creatives other than those approved by the global office).
  • Hold period. The time during which the advertiser will check the quality of the traffic brought from the partner; if everything is in order, after this period the partner will receive a reward.

What are the offers?

The offer is most often open (published for everyone on the site). Less often closed (VIP mode, when the network represents the interests of advertisers and itself goes to the partners). Also, the offer can be exclusive, that is, placed only in one partner network.

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