What Verticals to Promote in 2019?

Published : 02 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

E-Commerce- The Best Affiliate Marketing Vertical To Focus On In 2019

Focusing your advertising efforts on just one niche is absolutely essential for affiliate marketers, especially when starting; You can expand to other verticals after you have mastered your first vertical. Marketers are far better off specialized in a concentrated niche,than trying to advertise everything and achieve mediocre results.

If you start your career in affiliate marketing, one of the first ways is to narrow your niche. To support you in differentiating between industry verticals, we have narrowed down a large vertical that will remain strong in 2019, which is E-Commerce. This is a sure and safe bet for anyone who is starting affiliate marketing in 2019. 

Why promote E-commerce?

Over 14% of all shopping is done online these days, which comes close to $5 billion a year. As an affiliate, you can catch a piece of those huge profits. People are influenced yo buy online more than ever because of the convenience, safety, popularity of online shopping, which is why e-commerce offers are easy to promote. Consumers see products advertised in all accounts of their social media and all the websites they visit. Which means they are already conditioned to see and notice such ads, thus you will need less effort to attract their attention.

With e-commerce, affiliates usually work on CPS model, where they can get commissions from each sale of the product they are promoting. Affiliate offers are currently available for a wide variety of products, being from flashlights, and spy cameras, even mainstream brands like Nike and Adidas.

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