Trigger Your Twitter: the ultimate guide for affiliate marketers

Published : 10 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms out there. And as more and more brands and companies take to Twitter for advertising their products, it is rapidly becoming the most reliable source of information on the web. So why not explore ways of making money on Twitter?

With over 255 million monthly active users and 170 minutes per month spent on the platform per user. It’s a lucrative space to leverage your reach and make some money. Twitter allows people to follow others’ tweets when they come across something they like. You will use this to get regular traffic to your Twitter, and ultimately to your affiliate website.

So let us take a look at how affiliate marketing can help you make some cash through Twitter.

There are probably several products and services that you use every day. You probably even recommend a few to your friends and family every now and then. Now those promotional efforts won’t be in vain! Start reviewing the market and select brands and products that fall into your niche. Once you’ve found the right products, it’s time for the next step.

1.     Keep in mind the character limit!

The first thing is mastering the art of maximum impact in minimal space. You only have 280 characters. If you had 10 seconds to catch someone’s attention with a story about your day, you wouldn’t start at the toast you had for breakfast. You can rave about a product in only so many words. Not to mention that you then have to link to the product’s host to lead your followers to the company’s website. That’s where they can make the purchase and you can make that sweet commission.

However, in order to fit all of that into a single tweet and still make an impact, it is advised to use shortened links, that save on character count and so allowing to spend more words on promoting the product.

2.     Content, content and content

Your Tweets are your voice here, so it’s critical to make them high quality. Why? The social media cycle. Great Tweets get more followers. More followers lead to a higher level of social media engagement. That engagement is what ultimately leads to traffic. Keep it relevant to your niche, and really try to get into the head of your audience to produce a headline that they would click through on.

Whenever you write a Tweet, keep it as snappy and interesting as you can, putting in only what you need to.

3.     Stay Relatable!

To get your faithful Twitter followers to believe in your promotions and actually click on to the link you provide; you should make your tweets relatable and relevant.

If your followers don’t see the sincerity in your recommendation, they might dismiss it as a hoax or a sponsored post; this can also lead to you losing creditability with your hundreds and thousands of followers. Make sure you tweet out stuff that sounds reliable and which your followers can relate to.

4.     Resist the temptation to buy fake followers!

Tweeting is the language, followers are the population, and you want as many citizens loyal to you as possible. Nevertheless, resist the temptation to go and buy Twitter followers. They will probably be fake or non-responsive accounts, and you could end up banned, which is the last thing you want for your brand.

Announce on your affiliate site that you have Twitter and that people should follow you for up-to-the-minute content. That seesaw of “I follow you, you follow me” is really one of the best ways to generate a following.

5.     Stay consistent

To avoid slipping off the radar of your new-found followers, you need to post regular Tweets. Try to aim for at least 3 or 4 daily at first, to show your account is active. Some social modules allow you to schedule posts on Twitter, which can make regular Tweeting easy, without having to be on Twitter all day. If you do schedule Tweets, however, keep an eye on the news to stop them going out if circumstances change. And don’t forget about the general rule of almost all social media: tweet when your followers are actually online to ensure the best chance of interaction.

6.     Follow your strategy

The overall strategy with using Twitter as an affiliate is to drive traffic back to your affiliate site via your social media interactions, and the key is a patient, smooth and seamless transition. Link to quality testimonials, blog posts, and squeeze pages to get them to your affiliate site, as well as other valuable info they might be interested in.

Always tell people what you are linking to, though. No one likes feeling tricked and if the link goes to something different or poor quality, they won’t exactly become your biggest fan.

If a follower engages with you, make sure to reply as fast as possible while they have you on the brain. Reply to them, thank them, ask them questions to keep a dialogue going about something genuine. No one is looking to be friends with a robot, so be as human as possible to build the best rapport with your audience.

Final thoughts

Overall, Twitter is another useful tool for your business, which can definitely bring you some earnings for sure, just keep in mind several simple but effective rules above. Good luck!