How to promote Sweepstakes in 2018?

Published : 29 Aug 2018   author : Indoleads

Learn how to promote Sweepstakes today!

In general, the appeal of a sweepstakes offer is the chance to win a gadget, cash, a gift card or other goods loved by any audience.

The users just need to insert their email and maybe some more personal info to complete the conversion. Most of the sweeps have SOI (single opt-in) conversion flow.

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What kind of traffic to choose?

A good way to promote sweepstakes is using mobile pop traffic and mobile display banners. We don’t recommend to use Facebook traffic, there is the possibility of getting your account banned.


Do you need pre-landers?

No doubt that you have to input pre-landing page which has to be seen by the user before going to advertiser’s sweepstake page. Direct-linking will not work here. Be sure that good pre-lander will increase your CR to 50%.

There are 3 types for pre-landing pages: la quiz, roulette, success story.

  • The quiz – 3-5 simple questions which user has to answer. Don’t ask users very simple questions like your gender and age.
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  • The roulette – is a simple fortune wheel game which will lead the user to sweepstake product.
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  • The success story – is the most popular pre-lander this year. The user will be headed to an article where it’s said that they may participate in a promotion in order to get a sweepstake product. Usuallyy such articles contain some fabulous story of a winner of that product. In the bottom of the page, you may paste comments of other participants.

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Different geos prefer various pre-landing pages. So, we recommend having around 5 pre-landers to test. Please note that your prelander must  have a loading speed of 1sec.


Why should I start running sweeps with Indoleads?

There’s a lot of money to be made in 2018 with sweepstakes. This type of offers has an easy-peasy conversion flow and doesn’t need expensive traffic.

Indoleads has honest offers directly from SWEEPSTAKE CENTRAL USA, so hit up your affiliate manager and see what you can do!

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