Highest Converting Affiliate Programs during Covid Lockdown

Published : 21 May 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

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Affiliate Marketing during Covid Lockdown:

It is to no surprise that with Covid lockdown, came challenges for large and small businesses and industries. With the onset of this lockdown, people are forced to work from their homes while many lost their jobs due to the effects of the pandemic on the industries. Numerous small businesses have collapsed while we see the large-scale ones struggle to meet the challenges these uncertain times have posed. This article will introduce you to different affiliate programs during Covid Lockdown that can help you earn money while staying at home and by marketing to everyone who is doing the same.

Let’s take a look at the impact of Covid on Affiliate marketing in depth.

Affiliate marketing, like any other industry, has also become a victim of this pandemic. However, affiliate marketing covers different niches so the impact of Covid lockdown is a bit irregular. It is because some of the areas have seen immense growth out of the blue while the others have suffered a critical downfall.

Forbes recently released an article stating that goods related to health, medicine, oxygen masks, etc are thriving with the rise of consumer demand. On the other hand, fashion industries, gyms, travel, education, and technology have faced a major decline at the beginning of the lockdown. But recently, it can be observed that fashion and technology industries are rising back in the market due to an increase in demands as people are confined at homes and the need for entertainment is rising. After all, humans need some form of distraction to cope with the current situation of the world.

John Frigo, the affiliate manager for My Supplement Store, states how their health supplements and immunity boost pills sales have skyrocketed while their fat burners and other sports-related goods have faced a great decline.

Let’s not forget about how Zoom and Microsoft video conferencing software is thriving in the quarantine due to online classes and online work.

The pattern of this rise and fall is quite uneven and unpredictable as people’s demands change from time to time.

Highest Converting Affiliate Programs during Covid Lockdowns:

While the Covid lockdown has caused a major decline in some industries, the take off of other industries is quite shocking and unpredictable. Here are some of the highest converting affiliate programs during the lockdown:

Grubhub.com food delivery:

People are unable to go outside due to Covid-19 restrictions and it is uncertain when this pandemic will end, so the need to get food delivered at home is at its peak.

GrubHub is an online food ordering and delivering platform based in Chicago that has a vast network in all 50 states of the US. It has been delivering prepared food from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery services at the doorstep of consumers.

In February of 2020, Grubhab introduced their subscription package which offers free and unlimited food delivery from a partnered restaurant for a month. This service is extremely convenient for hospitals dealing with corona patients. It is also helpful for the patients quarantined at their own homes and cannot make food.

This app is user-friendly and offers real-time order tracking as well. All you have to do is place an order from your favorite restaurant and wait for the riders to deliver your meal.

Grubhub has not only made food delivery easier for restaurants but also for the consumers especially in these difficult times.

Audiobooks.com affiliate program

Audiobooks are reinventing reading during the lockdown as people are gradually getting tired of screen time. Due to online classes and online work, screen time has increased drastically in lockdown and this has become quite a concern for people.

Audiobooks.com is a US based company that provides more than 200,000 audio books to customers in the form of an app.  You can download audiobooks and podcasts and listen to them anywhere on any device without losing your place through patent-pending technology. Through Audiobooks.com, you can listen to any book you want in their library and it is quite helpful for people who easily lose focus while reading.

Audiobook.com is here to help people shift from their daily visual content to auditory one for a healthier lifestyle. Just pick an audiobook on your preferred device, grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle in your cozy blanket as Audiobooks.com takes you on the world of adventure auditorily.

Kiiroo sex toys:

The lockdown has affected the sex lives of people around the globe. For the lovers living miles apart, it is impossible to be a part of any physical intimacy and those living together, have found a great deal of decline in their sex drive due to stress as reported in theconversation.com recent blog.

Kiiroo is here to solve this problem as it introduces its sex devices not only for personal satisfaction but also for a better connection with one another. Unlike traditional pleasure products, Kiiroo presents devices that can be used together online to feel physical pleasure. In the lockdown, this technology can be used by partners separated by distance to have some sort of sexual connection with one another. Not only that, the products can be used by partners that live together to relieve themselves in a more fun and adventurous way.

Novakidschool.com children education affiliate program:

Novakidsschool.com offers online English classes for kids of ages ranging between 4-12. It is an engaging program for kids with Native English teachers that use age-appropriate programs and games-based classes to teach kids online.

Due to Covid lockdown, the education industry has faced quite a decline but services like novakidsschool.com are here to save the day and the children. It allows the children to experience the class environment online and interact with other students and teachers. Fun and engaging activities make the child an active learner.

Thanks to Novakidsschool.com, now your child can learn English in a healthy and fun environment without you having to worry about your child’s education in lockdown.

DoorDash.com food delivery affiliate program:

Due to the lockdown, the demand for home delivery services has been increasing. DoorDash.com is an American food delivery service based in California that offers its services in 4,000+ cities in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Recently, they have introduced a service where the customer can select for themselves if they want the package handed to them or left at the door. This service was introduced as a precautionary measure for Covid and people can eat to their heart’s content whenever and wherever.

Why worry about food in lockdown when DoorDash.com is here to provide you with your favorite meals anytime, any day.

FriendFinder dating affiliate program

Lockdown due to Covid 19 has caused an extreme lack of social interaction so it is understandable for people to seek each other’s company online and through different entertaining platforms.

FriendFinder dating is an American online dating and friendship community that helps millions of people to connect with each other. Not only can people find dates but also amazing friends to talk with. This app can help you find great people online and you don’t need to worry about lack of social interaction in your life anymore.

What’s amazing about FriendFinder dating is that it has a well-versed security system so you don’t have to worry about your privacy at all. Feeling lonely? Sign up at FriendFinder dating and find yourself a good friend or even your other half.

While the Covid lockdown has posed many challenges in different areas of life, we as humans continue to evolve and face these challenges. Affiliate marketing is no less affected by this situation. However, new and unique ideas are emerging every day and many affiliate marketing services continue to grow and bring about change in this rapidly developing world.

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