Flipkart CPS Affiliate Program is BACK!

Published : 09 Aug 2018   author : Indoleads

How can you benefit from Flipkart CPS Affiliate program?

Great news!
Flipkart is our favorite Online Shopping website in India! And we are super excited to reactivate this offer after a break. It’s a high-conversion offer that is suitable for anyone who has an audience in India. They offer irresistible sales and discounts for a wide range of products. Anyone can find something there that fits their preference, be it clothes, electronics, books, accessories, furniture, etc.

Across all product categories, Flipkart offers high quality and attractive prices. It is very popular for those who don’t like to go out shopping and stay in lines and for those who value their time and resources. Without interrupting day-to-day activities customers of Flipkart can order new couch to “freshen up” the look of their living room. Big electronics brands like Sony and Phillips are presented on their website in abundance – from small appliances like toasters to enormous refrigerators.

The delightful pricing policy, a huge variety of products and doorstep delivery service makes this online seller a no-brainer choice. Promote this offer today and receive attractive commissions!

UP TO 10%