Convert Visitors into Customers!

Published : 29 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

How do you optimize your current conversion strategy to maximize the quality and lead volume? What kind of experience do you deliver when someone visits your webpage? And what is your plan to convert visitors into leads?

These are crucial questions. It doesn’t matter if the traffic flow is in the thousands if no purchases are made.

In this article, we take a look at some effective techniques which will help you to get the ball rolling. And get your website from simply being popular to profitable.

Segment the Audience

Many businesses have landing pages and email lists on their website. It’s a smart move, but even smarter is to segment your audience.

Simply collecting email addresses without understanding where each of them falls on the sales funnel can be problematic. There can be a visitor looking to gather information about, let’s say, how to use a DSLR camera. Another one can be an expert photographic looking for big discounts on a particular lens. By understanding the types of audience, you can segment them and make the appropriate offers allowing for increased chances of conversions.

Convert Visitors by Improving Your Sales Pitch

With so many options and substitutes available for customers, a long and drawn out pitch is less likely to grab anyone’s attention. But this too depends on the type of product or service being offered on the website.

For example, if you search up any shoe model by a top-brand (like Nike or Adidas), you usually find the qualities and benefits in a few bullet points. Why? Because everyone knows what a shoe is and how it works. Your job is to inform them why it’s better.

Make Your Testimonies, Case Studies, and Social Proofs Visible

A webpage with something similar to “High-quality services” is less likely to persuade people rather than “over 50,000 websites use our software”.

The key way to convert visitors is to convince them that you know what you are doing. And your tools or software actually works. People don’t want to invest their money into something they feel is new and experimental.

Having testimonials and case studies will instill confidence. If a reputable person or company is using your product then make sure to highlight that on the front page. But with their permission of course. Convince visitors that your product or service is the real deal, then they won’t hesitate to make the purchase.

Wrapping it up

With every industry being as competitive as it is, you need every advantage you can get to ensure increasing growth and sales for your company. Fortunately for you, we offer some of the best affiliate marketing programs online that equip your business with the tools it needs for success!