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Earth Rhythm [CPS] IN - ADM:

Sale - 17.50%

Регион: India
eCPC 2.1700
Обработка 44
Баннеры Yes
Удаление ссылок Yes
Промокоды No
Конверсия 2.39
Срок службы cookie 30день (а)
Целевые страницы No
Фид XML / CSV No


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Company Description- Earth Rhythm (formerly known as Soapworks India) was started in the year 2015 , India's 1st homegrown brand that invests in independent clinical trials and research. At Earth Rhythm, they believe in smart and Safe skincare. The products you use should work and be good for your skin and earth, no exceptions. Each of the formulas are created in house by trained Cosmetic Chemists and are made to be effective , safe and backed by cited scientific research.
Campaign Description-  Earth Rhythm CPS gives an opportunity for affiliates to earn good revenue if the sales are delivered through affiliate links.