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The standard commission rates per product category is applicable to all types of websites.

Category nameNew buyersOld buyers
Other Categories7%7%
Garden Supplies9%9%
Children's clothing9%9%
Mobile Phones3%3%
Home Audio & Video3%3%
Mobile phone accessories9%9%
Men's clothing9%9%
Women's clothing9%9%
External storage3%3%
Special category0%0%
Computer Peripherals3%3&
Interior accesories9%9%
Internal Storage3%3%

Please kindly be notified that Aliexpress will cancel the new buyer CPA bonus for qualifying transactions made with consumers from Russia.
The new rules will come into force on 1st May 2020 (PST) due to the adjustment of strategies.

Partners can promote via content sites and website reviews that are geared towards small business owners or towards users who are looking to purchase low MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) or small lots for wholesale. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also acceptable (excluding trademark keywords). All other marketing methods will need to be approved by in advance. Pop-ups, cookie stuffing and Alibaba/AliExpress trademark use without prior authorization by the Program are strictly forbidden. Participant will not receive payment in case of default and your participation in this Program will be ceased according to the official rules.

Please note that all virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books are NOT subject to commission. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to determine whether a product is regarded as a virtual product for the purpose of calculating commission.

Transactions in other currency are not subject to commission
GEO: World Wide
BPSe 1.0761
Periode tahan 30
Spanduk Yes
Tautan dalam Yes
Kode promo Yes
CR 0.47
Seumur hidup kue 3hari
Halaman arahan Yes
Umpan XML/CSV Yes

Pembatasan lalu lintas

Paid search (Brand) Terlarang
PPC (not search) Terlarang
SEO Mengizinkan
Emails Butuh persetujuan
Popunder/Clickunder Terlarang
Reachmedia Butuh persetujuan
Teaser Networks Butuh persetujuan
Retargeting Terlarang
Display Traffic Butuh persetujuan
Google Display Butuh persetujuan
Coupons Butuh persetujuan
Cashbacks Butuh persetujuan
Incentive Butuh persetujuan
Social Media Butuh persetujuan
Websites Mengizinkan
Context ads Mengizinkan
Re-brokering Butuh persetujuan
Push Notification Butuh persetujuan
Native ads Butuh persetujuan
Facebook Display Butuh persetujuan
Doorways Butuh persetujuan
Toolbar Mengizinkan


Please kindly be notified that Aliexpress will cancel the new buyer CPA bonus for qualifying transactions made with consumers from Russia.