7 Website Traffic Analysis Tools You Need To Know In 2020

Published : 02 May 2020   author : Irina

Metrics is always needed by all business owners. This includes your website. No matter how big or small your business is, you should always keep your data clear. Why? To control your online-presence efficiency and keep an eye on growing.

This includes your website. To ensure your site is performing well and delivering conversions, you can deploy website traffic analysis tools to identify key trends, prioritize developing patterns, and streamline your site.

So, let’s get started.

How website traffic analysis can help you?

Website traffic analysis can provide answers to the following questions:

1.What percentage of the target audience visits your site (out of the total traffic)?

2.What traffic source generates the highest number of target visitors and conversions?

3.How much time do users spend on the site and how many pages they view?

4.What should you do next (what to fix) to achieve the set goals?

So, once you start analyzing traffic statistics, you’ll better understand your visitors and their behavioral patterns.

Web traffic analysis breaks down data using specific metrics to organize that data and help you understand:

-Total number of website visitors.

-All actions visitors complete on the website.

-How long they’re on your site

-What they’re doing while on your site

-Most-likely reasons they leave your site

-When you’re equipped with accurate and immediate website traffic data, it’s possible to develop pattern models that identify potential weak points in your web design and inform ongoing development decisions.

The good news is there are a number of resources you can implement to help with your website traffic analysis. Next, let’s look at how they work.

Tools for Effective Traffic Analysis

Great website traffic analysis doesn’t just happen — thankfully, there are a host of great tools available online to help measure, monitor, and manage your website traffic.


This tool provides free, direct audience measurement for all website owners including traffic, demographics, business, lifestyle, interests and more.  What I love most about this free tool is the amount of data it shows, in graphical form. See the screenshot example below for google.com.

2. Mouseflow

Mouseflow lets you see exactly what your visitors see — easily replay the entire visitor experience to identify key pain points and make adjustments that lead to a boost in conversions.

Mouseflow starts at $24 per month.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is ideal for tracking your market share with benchmarks, trends, and traffic analysis. It gives you an understanding of what’s working on your site, what isn’t, and how you can improve.

SimilarWeb is free for limited tracking and traffic results.

4. Semrush

Semrush offers website traffic analysis for both your site and websites owned by your competitors. Quickly get a sense of what marketing and traffic strategies are seeing the most success and adapt your processes in a similar way.

Try Semrush for free, then pay $99 per month.

5. Google Analytics

Arguably the king of free website traffic analysis, Google Analytics helps you build a complete picture of visitor preferences while connecting key insights to traffic results.

6. Ahrefs

It’sBacklink Checker shows the top 100 backlinks to any website or web page. It also tells you the estimated monthly organic search traffic to each linking page. This can be useful for understanding your competitors’ best sources of referring traffic. You may even want to try to get featured on those pages yourself. This free tool runs off Ahrefs’ huge database of 16.6 trillion backlinks.

They have a 7-day trial for 7$.


Kissmetrics is an advanced Google analytics alternative, allowing users access to the data needed at the right time. This web analytics tool is ideal for online marketers, allowing marketing teams to increase conversions, engagements and retention rates. With Kissmetrics, the user can carry comprehensive research to know the customers’ insights providing an ability to engage users through highly targeted online campaigns. Use Kissmetrics for data-driven insights and powerful segmentation.

Final thoughts

The more you know about your traffic analytics, the more effective and impactful your website can be. Equipped with the right website traffic analysis tools, you can ensure your site is performing well and delivering conversions, you can deploy website traffic analysis tools to identify key trends, prioritize developing patterns, and streamline your site.

identify your top site pages, track visitor trends, calculate conversion rates, and ensure your marketing spend translates into an increase in conversions and sales.

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