Why email marketing is still your affiliate driving force?

Published : 04 Jun 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

There are so many ways to be successful in your affiliate marketing business that we just can’t be silent. Everyone can find something which suits his or her needs. The strategies can be different, but with the devotion one can reach the goals for sure.

You might have noticed that every time a new social media platform debuts, obituaries are written about emails. While social media has captured the attention of Internet users throughout the world because of the ease of use and accessibility, it is too early to write off email marketing. Email marketing has not lost its charm yet and is here to stay despite the stardom of social media.

Although social media marketing requires minimum effort, it cannot build person-to-person communication like email marketing. Sure, social media followers and email subscribers look forward to hearing from you, but there is a bigger commitment made by email subscribers. While it is much easier to follow someone on Twitter or ‘Like’ a Facebook page, email signups reflect that a person is genuinely interested in your brand.

Let’s explore more about why email signups are better than social media followers.

Why Email Signups are Better than Social Media Followers?

1. Emails get more attention

When compared to social media posts, emails capture more subscriber attention. The algorithmic changes in social media platforms has drastically reduced the reach of the posts. It is sad that your engagement rate does not cross the range of 2-6% on Facebook unless you post something viral. Email is a relatively consistent marketing channel as it can bring you 20% open rate when done right.

2. You can personalize the communications

Email creates the feeling of personal communication, which is not possible with social media. The ability to impart a human touch to the message makes email sign-ups more important than social media followers. You can address a subscriber by the first name in emails, which is obviously not possible through social media.

3. Target audience is possible for email signups

Social media allows you to target audience falling in a particular age group or residing in a specific geographic location. Email marketing goes a step ahead and facilitates targeting by considering factors like past purchases, products searched for, total purchase value etc.

4. Email marketing allows you to test what works

Through email marketing, you can carry out A/B testing and check multiple variants of the same campaign. This tactic allows you to evaluate the metrics and figure out what kind of emails are working for your business. Such trial and error method is not very feasible through social media.

5. Your email list is yours

You never know when social media like Facebook or Twitter might decide to bring down your page or remove your followers in case of an accidental violation of privacy policies. This does not happen with your email sign-ups as you have the full ownership of those subscribers. You just have to follow the anti-spam rules like CAN-SPAM and GDPR to ensure a quality list of email subscribers.

6. Customers over other channels

Customers are familiar with the promotional messages sent through email. It is also considered to be among the most important commercial channel. What would you appreciate more—A personalized email or a broadcasted message from a Facebook page?

7. You can get exact metrics for your email campaigns

Email service providers give accurate results for your email campaigns that includes open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and bounce rates. As a result, you can have a clear picture of how your emails are performing. You can analyze the past campaigns to understand the kind of emails that are resonating the best with your subscribers. Even though social media provides you with metrics such as the reach of the post, audience engagement, and click-through rate, email metrics are much more detailed as they also offer the subscriber information.

Wrapping it up

As we have already said there is no one single way to be successful, and here is the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing business. While you might have a temptation fully dive into social media, just don’t forget about your email campaigns, it is always better to not keep all of your eggs in one basket.

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