Top Affiliate Niches During Coronavirus

Published : 25 Mar 2020   author : Indoleads Bot

These days safety and health are the top priority. It goes without any doubts.

But it doesn’t mean we should stop living and planning. The huge advantage of affiliate marketing is its flexibility, no matter what happens in a physical world, online world will still find its way to survive. That means, as a publisher, you are certainly in a good place.

Some niches will struggle, but some will flourish. Wanna know which ones? Keep reading!

1. Make Money Online/Work From Home

This one is really on-point right now. People need money, because during all this recession many of them will lose their jobs. Work-from-home and making money online are becoming the hugest trends ever.

Types of offers:

-Online education platforms and courses

-Courses on teaching how to make money from home

-Filling surveys

-Investment offers 

-Job listing sites

-Blogging & Freelance writing

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2. Safety

Coronavirus makes people scared, it’s natural, so what should be sold right now is anything that gives comfort and safety.

Types of offers:

-Health care and insurance

-Healthcare products and pharmaceuticals

-Medical advice

-How to stay healthy while stuck at home

-Psychological advice on how to cope with stress and panic

-Finance offers focused on coping with crisis (“How to protect your business in Pandemic times”) 

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3. Dating/Adult

Adult is huge right now. Especially since many people are locked down without a possibility to go out and meet people.

Types of offers:

-Live chats

-WebCam offers

-Adult push

-Senior dating

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4. Gaming and Streaming

People always seek entertainment, especially now. This is why offers focused on gaming, live streams, TV streaming, etc. are seeing huge spikes.

Types of offers:

-Netflix referral program


-Mobile gaming

-Adult gaming

-Articles focused on best Netflix / HBO shows to watch

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5. Software for communication

As most of the world is locked in and many people work from home they need devices to communicate with each other.

Types of offers:

-Slack partner program

-Zoom referral program

-Hangouts referral program 

6. Survival Kits

These emergency kits are something people usually heading to only when panic is overwhelming. They are often skipped when everything is alright, but nowadays people are seeking for such things, so consider them too.

Types of offers:

-Emergency kits

-Ebooks & Guides on how to protect yourself from the virus

-Emergency food and water supplies

-Military flashlights

6. Gadgets and Equipment needed to work from home

These days people work from home, so they will definitely need something to make their home working environment a bit more comfortable: laptops, tablets, gear, lamps, keyboards, headsets, office chairs. are getting more and more traffic. Unsurprisingly, medical and hygiene products, such as thermometers or sanitizers are also a good choice.

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Wrapping It Up

We really hope that Coronavirus passes soon. But in the meantime, you should focus on health, and safety of yours and your family, and also keep marketing. Don’t let fear overwhelm you!

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