Google Discover For Affiliate Marketers: Discover Your New Traffic Booster

Published : 21 Apr 2020   author : Indoleads Bot

You have probably heard about Google Discover or even tried it out. But, you might have never realized how actually good Google Discover is in pulling mobile traffic. A lot of marketers still don’t know what it is or how it can be leveraged in the online marketing world. And by the way, Google Discover is used by over 800 million people – and this number keeps growing. Are you thinking of what we are thinking right now? Right! We should figure out how to use it to our advantage!

What is Google Discover

Google Discover, launched in September 2018, is a feature on Google’s app that recommends content to users based on their previous Google searches. The feature highlights a mix of news and evergreen content while putting an emphasis on visuals, like videos and photography. By the cover of serving the latest news and “exploring your interests easier than ever”, Google Discover definitely aims to switch the focus of search – from instant information to understanding more intricate user journeys.

Discover is available to mobile users on the Google App, Android devices, and on all mobile browsers (when logged into a Google Account).

How To Make It Work For Your Business

Luckily, it’s not as complicated as SEO and the results happen much faster. Still not instant, but over time you should see your Discover traffic continually rising.

Here are 4 simple tips that will help:

1. High-quality images are crucial. They must be relevant and evoke curiosity, as they are more likely to entice clicks.

2. Be mindful about your content. Check which topics Google suggests following inside of Discover to see if those topics align with your website. Consider using their suggested topics as a guide to what people are interested in and write similar content. Go further with it. Make sure to create multiple quality pieces of content related to overarching topics. Then, internally link them together. Why? Google Discover depends heavily on a user’s past search behavior. This means it has the potential to surface a lot of content that’s similar in subject matter to the content the user has already consumed. Creating multiple types of content on a related topic, and linking between these pages makes it possible to show up your content as related the one the user clicked in normal organic results.

3. Post videos. Of course, if it is relevant to your website. Google Discover is highly visual and aims to help people get lost in content recommendations that are interesting to them. Because online video viewing is growing with each new generation, it’s no surprise that Google Discover and Google search algorithms are favoring this type of content.

4. Mobile version is a king. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to make sure you’re posting content on a site that’s easy to navigate and looks visually pleasing on mobile devices. If and when people find your content on Google Discover, they’ll click into it from a mobile device. If the content isn’t functional or easy to consume, they might exit your page quickly.

5. Play wise with the keywords. Keywords that get a lot of search traffic are more likely to get the most Google Discover traffic. So, make a keyword list to guide you.

Wrapping It Up

Actually, you don’t have to be a fan of Discover, but as a marketer, you need to look at it as another channel. People are using it. So why not leverage it to your advantage?

Plus, the safest and the most practical approach is an omnichannel one, you should never rely on traffic from just one channel alone because the moment an algorithm change happens, it can crush your traffic. That’s why you should try every relevant channel to boost your traffic. Good luck!

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