POSTED ON : 13 Dec 2019   BY : Indoleads Bot

A new advertiser has arrived- Dostavista – an innovative courier service for express delivery!
Since 2012, the Dostavista company has been successfully providing express courier delivery services in Moscow for both individuals and legal entities, and is also a reliable logistics partner for delivery services for online stores and restaurants!
Express delivery of documents and parcels for organizations, express delivery of correspondence, purchases, flowers, gifts and goods up to 1.5 tons. – The most frequent orders in their company.
At any time of the day, you can go on their website and call a courier. In just a minute, you can arrange express courier delivery without unnecessary bureaucracy, negotiations, and calls to the call center. You can order both a pedestrian and a courier in the comfort of your own home. Their day-to-day express delivery service does its job efficiently and provides low-cost courier services.

PAYOUT: 544.87p