5 Reasons the Visitors Are Leaving Your Website

Published : 11 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

They are leaving your website and that keeps you puzzled…your precious visitors… Don’t jump to frustration, check the most possible reasons and try to make some corrections!

1. A Hard-to-Browse Website

When it comes to browsing a website, any visitor would prefer an easy and understandable website infrastructure, which allows them to easily find the necessary information. If your website has a difficult structure, a lot of subdivisions and redirections, it will instantly drive away your visitors, no matter how informative your content is.

2. Crowded Content

It seems that content can’t be too informative, but it can. Overflowing with too much information makes people even more confused than with the lack of information, cause it makes the content excruciatingly hard to read or even browse through. This also applies to the cases when posts content is just too lengthy. Not all of your website visitors have enough time to read a lengthy essay about how great your product or service is.

How can you make your content more readable?

The best ways to make your content readable all involve:

  • using compelling sources from the web. To increase website visitors, your content should only be supported by credible sources
  • using subheadings. This way, you’ll create compelling content and be able to help your website visitors browse through your web pages more easily
  • creating bullet lists. Subdivide your information into several chunks that’ll allow each website visitor to better capture the idea of your content
  • posting two different articles than to place all the information into one.

3. Too Many Popups

It’s normal for website owners to attract advertisers to their sites and get more money from the content they’ve posted. This allows them to effectively promote the website and get additional costs for website maintenance. But having too many ads popping up on your website won’t allow your website visitors to properly read the content. This means they won’t help you when it comes to attracting more people and therefore effectively monetizing your website.

You should find a way to make more money from your website and still make sure the site continues to be interesting for each visitor who happens to stumble upon your web page.

4. Slow Website

No one wants to read a website which loads for too long. Website visitors want to get information quickly. If your website is too slow, people are likely to leave your web page and go look for another website which is quicker than yours. Surely, performing some kind of platform optimization and also increasing your website traffic will definitely work. Some other ways to help your website load quicker include:

  • Using other formats for the images. If the size of the images you’ve posted is too big, consider replacing them with pictures of a different format (i.e. WebP or JPEG XR)
  • Clearing cached versions of the content
  • Using compression to decrease the number of bytes, allowing your web page to load faster

5. Outdated Content

Updating your website is very important. You should update your content more often, given that it attracts more visitors, and it also helps search engines find your content faster. No one wants to read outdated information, it being that it’s easy for most of us to actually get brand-new and super updated info.

Final thoughts

As you see, the more doesn’t mean better, and this rule applies to all the reasons listed in this article. Avoid falling prey to anything which can potentially harm your content and try to look at your website through the eyes of your user:

–       is it’s structure logical?

–       is the content easy to ready and clean?

–       does the content make you feel credible?

–       don’t you feel irritated by the website’s speed or performance?

Bring these questions from time to time to make sure your website is always fresh and clean!