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до 13.06 включительно:

Apple 2,03%

Смартфоны (без Apple) 3,59%

Планшеты (без Apple) 4,06%

Фитнес-браслеты/Умные часы 5,15%

Аксессуары 10,14%

Остальные категории товаров 2,03%


с 14.06:

Apple 1,69%

Смартфоны (без Apple) 2,99%

Планшеты (без Apple) 3,38%

Фитнес-браслеты/Умные часы 4,29%

Аксессуары 8,45%

Остальные категории товаров 1,69%

GEO: Russian Federation
BPSe 0.0000
Periode tahan 35
Spanduk Yes
Tautan dalam No
Kode promo Yes
CR 0.09
Seumur hidup kue 14hari
Halaman arahan Yes
Umpan XML/CSV No

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What is Shop Affiliate Program
Shop Affiliate Program is a popular Ecommerce Affiliate Program. MTS ("Mobile TeleSystems") is the largest mobile network operator in Russia, operating on GSM, UMTS and LTE standards. Apart from cellular network, the company also offers local telephone service, broadband, mobile television, cable television, satellite/digital television, and one of the biggest online electronic stores. Here one can purchase almost any smartphone, smart watches or even small household appliances. If you have audience in Russia, they would definitely love to see Shop Affiliate Offer. Joining Shop Affiliate Marketing Campaign, lets your visitors access one of the biggest ever. Earn Shop Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your website.