How to Turn a Hobby Into Income with Affiliate Marketing?

Published : 23 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to make extra income online for a Blogger, a YouTuber or an Influencer. I don’t know about you, but for me, affiliate marketing is a kind of business that you can succeed in while you don’t even feel like “doing business”. That’s just my opinion! But I enjoy being an affiliate a lot.

In my case, what I am doing is just blogging about my hobbies and what I am really interested in. For example, some of my top blogging topics are related to my interest in Guitars, Computers stuff etc.

Hi! My name is Hermansyah Filani from and in this
post, I will share my experience along with some tips on how to do affiliate
marketing as a Blogger in an ‘ethical’ way.

Literally, if you have a hobby it will make you spend a lot of money on your hobby right? That’s the fact.

But! Affiliate marketing helps me do what I love while I can make money to spend on stuff that fuels my hobbies in return! Most of the times, I earn extra income from it as well.

So, here are my best tips on how you can turn your hobby into Income with affiliate marketing.

Write about the things you love to successfully sell affiliate products!

If you try to monetize your traffic with affiliate marketing but you blog
about things that you don’t really know much about – you are only chasing the profits.

It will be hard for you to be successful in make affiliate sales from such


Because as far as I know, what makes you successful in selling affiliate products is when you also successfully engage with people in that particular niche and industry that you write about.

So, having a blog about things that you really love and passionate about, will have a great positive effect on your affiliate performance. You will enjoy yourself and it will be easy for you to do. Because you know exactly what you are talking about!

While sharing your knowledge related to whatever you are talking on your blog you are helping people in your niche.

As a result, you can put a product or services from affiliate network that you trust on your blog to help people found the right product for them. Because you have experienced it yourself, it definitely will create trust between you and your audience too. Because they see the proof in your experience!

For example, you can find so many products from available advertisers here at Indoleads Affiliate Platform. You can promote some of their offers to help the audience on your Blog or on your YouTube channel.

Promote products or services that you use yourself!

The advantage of you talking about the stuff that you actually use is that you can promote a lot of products that are related to your interests and hobby.

Another advantage of blogging about your hobby is – it will be very easy for you to find the idea for writing your next blog. If you are really passionate about something, you will have tons of ideas to write about that!

Help people solve their problems!

By sharing your experience for resolving a problem related to your hobby on your blog is really great.

Because it will definitely help people that have the exact same problem as you have overcome. And from here, you can recommend any products that you use yourself to solve your problem.

When people see themselves how the problem is now fixed, they will feel happy to buy the product that you recommended.

For me, this is the best way to sell affiliate products on blog. It does not feel like you are selling something and pushing someone to buy. Because your main purpose was to help people.

Learn about basic SEO to write good content!

Most of affiliate sale conversions for me come from organic traffics. Because not all people that got an email from you, don’t always need to buy stuff that you are trying to sell. And a person from Social Media channels is mostly like to only consume the information, but not convert.

So! Learn how to create good SEO content! It is a must if you want to successfully make affiliate earnings from your blog.

Ya! Of course, you can’t compare yourself with other bloggers who started blogging seven years ago, they have a lot of experience. They have collected a lot of email lists and have loyal readers since then.

My Tip, from 2019 onwards – it is better to focus on SEO and focus more on creating quality content, if your blog is not a news portal forget about quantity.

Note & conclusion

Overall, the most important thing is always to be honest and disclose that you are doing affiliate marketing (you can state that your blog post contain affiliate links inside, or write a description under your YouTube Video) and always follow the FTC rules.

For me, affiliate marketing may not make me a ton of money. But it’s a great way to generate extra income online from your blog while sharing the things that I love and at the same time, it could help others too.

Guest blog created by Hermansyah Filani from

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