Brand New CPS Affiliate Program from FOREO!

Published : 31 Jul 2018   author : Indoleads

How can you benefit from our FOREO affiliate program?

Dear Publishers,
We have launched a special CPS Affiliate offer today! We are very excited to introduce you to this advertiser. In the beauty community, FOREO is one of the top players providing amazing products that promote healthy skin and oral hygiene. The company has been created in 2013 and since then they have expanded their product range to cleansing brushes, sonic electric toothbrushes, cleansers, and eye massagers suitable for professional as well as individual use.

Their premium products have multiple prestigious awards in the beauty industry. A simple 2-minute ritual can drastically improve the skin conditions when FOREO products used regularly. They are also known for the revolutionary sonic toothbrush. All of their products are made from a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial silicone. This material allows the products to be durable, safe and fast-drying.

For your convenience, we have selected the TOP Geos for our publishers for the best results: Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand.

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