Top 5 Affiliate Niches In 2020

Published : 09 Mar 2020   author : Irina


Travel niche is one of the top niches ever. Who doesn’t love traveling? Nowadays world is all about moving. The destinations might change, but the very essence of traveling probably never.

If you are passionate about traveling & curious for new experiences, the travel niche is the right fit for you. Traveling is therapeutic for many people, and you can be their go-to-person for travel destinations and tips.

The best travel blogs are managed by people who love to see the world and write about it. If you cannot afford to travel just yet, you can relive the experiences of others vicariously. You can also invest guest contributors to post their travel experiences.

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Some sub-niches you should consider in the travel niche include:

-Travel Budgeting: Not everyone loves to splurge cash during travel trips. There are several travel hacks and tips that allow travelers to save money on the road. You can write educative blog posts on how to save money and avoid being scammed by travel agents and companies. You can also teach people how to use discount offers and credit rewards.

-Airline and Travel Tour Company Reviews: Not everyone loves to engage in the tedious process of planning a trip. Most people would rather go through an agent or a tour company. This is where your services are needed. You can perform a survey or extract data from review sites and write comprehensive reviews about these travel companies and airlines.

2.The Health Niche

Health care is a huge trend for years ahead. The global healthcare market is now estimated to be worth some $10tn, which is higher than every country in the world’s GDP except the U.S and China. The urge and need to stay healthy means people will always look for anti-aging methods, diet strategies, work out regimens, and more.

The traffic in this niche is humongous, and there is enough to go around. The best thing about blogging in the health and fitness niche is you don’t need to be a guru or certified health practitioner. Of course, if you hold these titles or have earned relevant certifications, it will create a better impression of you being an expert in the eyes of people. But, if you are passionate about researching and finding answers, you can make it big in the health and fitness niche even without these credentials.

-Weight Loss: Create blogs focused on dieting and nutrition. You can cover different types of diet and diet recipes ideas. You can also share weight loss stories to encourage and motivate your audience.

-Healthy Eating: Eating healthy is usually associated with weight loss, but even non-obese people should eat healthily. You can create a blog focused on sharing healthy food recipes for everybody.

-Skincare: Skincare goes beyond remedies for acne, skin rashes, and warts. A skincare blog will advise and educate its readers on proper ways to care for their skin while suggesting skincare products to use regularly.

3.Love and Relationships

Love is something unbuyable, but in today’s world sometimes it is so hard to find someone special, that’s why our internet has definitely come with the solution: tons of websites and services. In fact, this niche is so lucrative that it is valued at an estimated $2.5 billion in the U.S alone.

People are willing to spend their time and money on a resource that teaches them how to find love or flirt. If you are quite the lover and charmer, you can create a love and relationship blog for your affiliate marketing business.

You can write poems, first date tips, how to impress a girl/boy, first date tips and so much more, these topics generate a considerable amount of search queries on Google.

Some sub-niches you should consider in the love and relationship niche include:

– Hook-up: Creating content for people specifically looking to hook up and meet without the usual commitment associated with relationships.

-Blind Dates: Blind dating sites talk about the benefits of going for blind dates, safe dating measures and help set up blind dates.

-Everyday Love: Help people from different walks of life find love. They could be in the same or different locations or just looking to start dating online first.

-Relationship Blog: Share bond-strengthening strategies for individuals maintaining Long term relationships.

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4.Personal Finance

The personal finance and investment niche is all about getting your finances right and growing your net worth. This niche is ever-flourishing as there are hundreds of ways to make money, and hundreds of it are appearing every year. How does this concern you?

If you have a thing for finance, personal growth, the stock market, forex market, and other investment schemes, this is where you can excel.You can build a thriving impressive affiliate marketing business that helps people save and invest their money in various channels. We at Indoleads always update the best programs for financial geeks, and you should too.

What is so great about this niche, is that you don’t have to hold a CPA certification or be a stockbroker to excel in this niche. You can review financial products, services, and instruments. Do some thorough research and back up your facts with authoritative sources.

Some sub-niches you should consider in the personal finance and investment niche include:

-Stock Market: Create blogs that analyze the Stock market instruments and trends.

-Foreign Exchange Markets: Create blogs that compare major currency pairs and exotics. You can also create content reviewing the best brokers and software programs.

-Credit Card Niche and Loan Management: Credit card debt and credit card rewards are highly debated topics. You can go the extra mile and educate your audience on loan management.

5.Fashion and Beauty

Nowadays fashion is not something from glossy magazines and runway shows. It’s already a lifestyle for millions of people around the world. From clothes to boots, shoes, shades, gowns, ties, and accessories, everyone loves to look good.

Whether you like to keep it plain jane or love to dazzle in grand style, fashion is something we are all invested in. Beauty products also go hand in hand with fashion. People love to invest in their skin to keep it radiating and supple.

You can take your love for the fashion niche to the next level. Create a fashion blog and write thrilling articles on fashion trends, new releases and more.

Some sub-niches you should consider in the fashion and beauty niche include:

-Beauty and Cosmetics: Write fact-driven blogs on different skin types and products to use based on skin type.

-Fashion Trends: There is a fashion choice for every season. Come winter, and your story should be covering winter-themed boots, coats, and blazers.

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Final Thoughts

Remember, there is no universally “the right niche” for everyone. The niches above are truly powerful if you have passion for them, otherwise choose the niche which suits your personal interests and develop it. You can also check our top affiliate programs to learn more about which niches convert the best.

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