Product Data Feed For Rocking Your Affiliate Sales As Never Before

Published : 26 Feb 2020   author : Indoleads Bot

In e-Commerce, product feeds or data feeds are used regularly especially when you are exchanging large amounts of information or data. But what exactly is a product feed? Why do you need it? And what are some best practices when it comes to creating and using them? Publishers and Advertisers, this is important for both of you, so don’t miss it out!

What is a Product or Data Feed?

The Data feed is a big file that contains information about advertiser’s products and services. It is like a large database, that includes all advertisers’ products and its attributes, such as: product name, product ID, price, description, landing Page, UPC codes, category, stock availability, weight size and dimensions, technical specification, keywords. XML format is the most convenient and commonly used one.

Data feeds are created by advertisers to affiliates. It has to help them with promoting advertiser’s products or services. It is possible for affiliates to create individual pages or insert their information about products to this data feed. Advertisers can deliver it to affiliate via email or server.

Product feeds are used to provide information from advertiser’s store to sales channels so buyers can easily find your products. So, for example, if you are an advertiser and you want to get your products listed on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, a product feed enables your products to be added to their site quickly.

In the world of affiliate when we talk about data feeds we are referring to product feeds that advertisers provide to affiliates to better list and promote their products. The affiliate can take the information in the feed and manipulate it in any manner they want to use on their own websites.

Data feeds can display all the products, maybe they just want to list some categories, list by price or offer a curated selection of products. Affiliates love to work with advertisers that have data feeds so if being an advertiser you currently don’t have one, you should make this a high priority. Providing a detailed and up to date feed to your affiliates is sure to help them better promote your products, helps with your long-term relationship and ensure you have a more successful affiliate program.

Why Do Affiliates Need It

Product feeds contain tons of the most useful information. Product feeds ensure that the information is up to date and correct. Affiliates use the attributes in feeds to determine campaign keywords and bidding. For price comparison sites feeds are required to run sites that compare pricing. Sites with promo codes and deals also include information about the products, so using a product feed is a must.

How It Is Actually Used?

Publishers use the product feed to create price comparison websites, affiliate online stores and email newsletters with the description of products. Using their own or ready-to-use parsers and plugins, they alter the information from the XML file to the required format, upload it on their ad spaces, and form their own product catalogs.

Since the data is taken directly from the primary source, when the feed is updated, for example, if product prices have changed, changes are automatically made in the publisher’s catalog, too. In the Indoleads system feeds are updated every 6 hours. Thus, the publisher who uses the XML feed frees up a huge amount of time that was wasted before for manually adding products in the affiliate store or for monitoring changes on the seller’s website.

The feed is uploaded and set up by a specialist of the tracking department. You need to generate a file of the required structure with necessary data, and provide our specialist with a link to it.

If required, you can add several feeds: in various languages, with various product and price categories. In this case it is necessary to create a separate XML file for each feed. You can add as many feeds as you want.

Top Offers With XML feed

At Indoleads we do everything to make both our advertisers and publishers reach their goals and beyond. So here are our best offers with XML product feed you definitely should try:

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Wrapping it up

A lot of e-commerce affiliates are making money with XML feed websites. These XML feeds are being updated every day and you can get every single product from e-commerce websites to your xml website. It’s a great opportunity for affiliates to make money.

And for advertisers, in the world of continuously growing e-commerce, it’s more important than ever to have a well-planned and updated feed. This will help set you apart from your competitors, encourage affiliates to promote your products and hopefully lead to increased sales.

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