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Published : 07 Dec 2020   author : Indoleads Bot
Roboschool – a school of robotics and programming, where your child in an unobtrusive form, gets acquainted with physics, mathematics, programming, the device of the computer in the form of a game, starting from the first grade, learns to collect and program special models of robots from the elements of the constructor Lego, and also receives initial knowledge of programming, in languages such as Scratch, Ev3, Python, Python, and others. Training for children takes place in small groups of up to 12 people.
Roboschool will help to occupy children 4-13 years old fascinating courses on programming and robotics. Classes are held in the format of online training, both individually for the youngest and in groups for those who are older. 
Each new lesson is a small brick, laid in the professional foundation of future IT specialists. Not all students attending our classes will devote their lives to IT, but those of them, who will have to choose another way in life, are given the opportunity at a young age to plunge into the essence of the phenomena that occur in modern electronic technology, as well as consolidate such skills as logical thinking, the ability to analyze and even fine motor skills.
With the help of game teaching methods, we are ready to show children how interesting and entertaining the world of science can be, clearly answering the main questions: “why?” and “why?”.
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