Make your Product Reviews True Hits

Published : 28 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Product reviews are the lifeblood of many affiliate marketers so we’re always looking for ways to get more from that content, or make it better, or help it go further.

That’s what this article is all about – writing product reviews better and getting more from them to really explode your affiliate earning as much as possible from that review.

So many affiliates just write some text on a page and expect it to convert. Writing the text is just the beginning.

Tip #1: Write it well

The thing with product review writing that makes your product review stand out from other people’s product reviews is to cover things that they don’t.

  • Add more detail than your competitors

If you can add more detail than your competitors in places that they don’t cover it will give you a massive point of difference in your writing.

This can be done by giving your personal story about using the product (something that can’t be replicated because it’s yours), covering features in much greater detail, giving demonstrations or data to show the usage of the product, technical stats, information about the company and more.

  • Find what motivates people

Using what motivates people to buy this product in your product review can give you much better affiliate sales than if you don’t.

Pay close attention to:

How they talk to their customers

What language they’re using

Which points they hit on to trigger people

What features they believe are important

If you can borrow some of the phrasing and points they use in their marketing for your product review that will let you hit on those same things.

  • Go for length

Google and other search engines are always looking for the best result for any particular search term. For product reviews, they want something that is covering the product in great detail and really helps people make an informed buying decision. You can bet they’ve coded this into their algorithm.

One indicator of review quality is length so you should be shooting for at least 1200 words for your article.

That might sound like a lot to you but there are lots of ways to make 1200 words and beyond quite easily. Some ideas are personal stories, covering features more in-depth, comparing features with other similar products, talking about the company and more.

Tip #2: Add more than just words

People tend to just leave their reviews as words on a page. People like to skim. When it comes to long product reviews you want to add other things to help stand out.

  • Video (So hot right now)

There are tons of options for making video a part of your product review and video content is so trendy right now.

Some options for including video (or multiple videos) into your product review include:

Unboxing videos

In-depth demonstration

Overview of features

Usage examples

Personal stories about using the product

  • Plenty of pictures

When you skim an article your eyes saccade over the important information that stands out. Usually, this is headings, bolded copy, lists and pictures.

Adding plenty of pictures to your article improves the skim-ability of your review.

And it also does one other thing which I’m a big fan of – it gives you another way to tell the story.

Some people are analytical by nature and like reading the text, but many of us are visual people. We like to consume graphics and photos and video content.

Tip #3: Recreate your review elsewhere

Lastly, we suggest using parts of your review in other parts of your site to get more mileage from what you’ve written.

Recreating parts of your review in other articles on your site let you insert natural snippets that direct people back to your review.

The important note for affiliate marketers to remember is that their reviews are a big piece of their overall affiliate strategy. They’re often the money making pages on the site. So the more attention you can draw to them the better.

Some options for where to include snippets of your review or links back to your review include:

Roundup and “best of” posts – these are great to pull a short snippet from your review and link back to drive traffic

Existing evergreen or highly trafficked articles on your site – leverage the articles that are already getting good traffic on your site and insert (where contextually appropriate) a snippet of review content and a link

Email autoresponders and courses – people in these sequences of content are already 100% engaged with the material and it’s a great time to drive them back to a money-making page like a review page

Other product reviews – people love to compare products before they purchase and seeing two highly detailed product reviews will help them make an informed buying decision.

Another great content idea is to create a whole new post comparing the pros and cons of each similar product in your niche

Wrapping Up

With a little more effort than just writing some text on a page, you can stretch your product reviews into real performing articles that earn some serious money.

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