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Published : 23 Jun 2019   author : Indoleads Bot
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We are happy to announce our new collaboration and a great opportunity for all our publishers. We are starting to partner with Getintent, an adtech company that runs an online advertising solution which enables clients to buy advertising space on Websites for online advertising, helping brands and publishers deliver advertising that matters to their specific audiences. It is a fast-developing self-service RTB/DSP platform from millions of websites and GDN, also providing great solutions for both mobile, in-app and web banners as well as video.

The guys at Getintent are really good at advance targeting techniques, like keywords, location, time zone, exact websites and more.

Using their self-learning AI-driven algorithms, you can predict users’ behavior and target audiences that are most likely to convert, getting closer to your performance goals and deliver outstanding returns on marketing budgets.

Moreover, working with Getintent you can be sure you are getting only valid traffic, as the company draws on proprietary self-learning fraud detection algorithms and integrations with key industry verification services to ensure to protect your media budgets against malware and other threats, delivering robust prebid and post-campaign ad quality metrics and reliable measurement.

Of course, our publishers get special treatment as always! Indoleads publishers, who register via us can buy traffic from Getintent with 15% cheaper than buying it directly.

And it is not all the good news!

Signing up to Getintent through us, you can top up your account with any sum without minimum limit of USD500 as imposed when signing up directly on Getintent’s website. You can start testing their traffic on your terms with no minimal top-up limit!

We are fully integrated with Geitintent, so postbacks will be set up in no time. As you see, no reason to hesitate!

Submit your application for signing up to Geitintent and get all the perks by sending an email to or contacting by Skype – live:publishers_32.

Also, check out the image below to see a quick snapshot of where to find Getintent in Indoleads account after Getintent registration is complete!


As Warren Buffett said: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” So why not start the ball rolling now? Happy marketing!

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