Best Strategies to Promote Offers in Travel Vertical

Published : 03 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

What will be the affiliate marketing trend to promote travel offers in 2019? This is the question buzzing around some affiliates these days.

Every year there is a new affiliate marketing trend on the rise. Below is an affiliate marketing trend that is expected to boom in 2019, especially for travel vertical:

More And More Videos Will Be Used by Affiliates As SEO Strategies 

YouTube is a gold mine for travel affiliate marketers.
YouTube is a gold mine for travel affiliate marketers.

At this time Youtube and vlogging in general have taken the internet by storm. The phenomenon that was recognized over the years when the Washington Post analyzed that video will cover 80% of all traffic on the internet by the year 2019. This is very reasonable, because the attention span in the internet users on average is very short, and most people prefer to watch videos rather than reading articles, interviews, reviews, posts from blogs.

With that in mind, brands are more enthusiastic about video marketing and increasingly tend to publish videos of live events and also directly from behind-the-scenes moments. However, video marketing will only succeed when they can provide what consumers want and expect. This is where affiliates come in…
While videos made by the brand are well and good, they are still inherently biased – as they are the owner of the brand who is promoting it. Affiliate marketing if done right can pose as unbiased, real and trustworthy to people who are contemplating where to take their next vacation. 

Youtube is as much of a search engine as google if not more effective. People are searching vlog from various exotic destinations to see other’s experiences – it plays a great role in decidion making and ultimately purchase. If you are able to organically intergrate your affilite message in the video descriptions – great things await you!

 Promotion of Videos for Travel Blogs

The internet has changed the expectations of prospective tourists for affiliate content that they find interesting. Before the internet was used massively, prospective tourists would be quite satisfied to see brochures, magazines, or tourist guidebooks to determine the activities they want to do and places that they want to visit.

However, now the tourists will look for content in the form of a vlog about the place they dream of seeing and “tasting” how it feels to be traveling in that destination.

You can start creating promotional videos from the tour packages that you promote, then upload these videos on various media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. according to the characteristics of the tourists you want to reach. And travel affiliate programs are one of the High Paying Affiliate Programs, so do not hesitate to join Indoleads for the premium travel offers. 

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