POSTED ON : 12 Nov 2018   BY : Indoleads

How can you benefit from Americanas Affiliate Program?

Dear Publishers,

Americanas is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Brazil. They constantly have attractive promotions, exclusive products.

In relation to a growing number of publishers interested in our Americanas Brazil offer, we would like to remind you that using Paid Search and PPC campaigns for promotion of this offer is strictly prohibited.

Use of Direct ou Indirect SEM (Paid Ads) on Google, Yahoo, Bing is strictly prohibited by the Brazilian advertisers. The violation of this rule results in the definitive blocking of the Publisher and cancellation of all the transactions.

We appreciate your cooperation on this and applying the allowed traffic types for promoting this offer. More details on the allowed traffic types you can find in the Americanas Affiliate Program description on Indoleads Platform.

Nonetheless, we wish you good luck this Black Friday, happy promoting!

PAYOUT: 2.7% – 4.5%

GEO: Brazil