11 Killer Affiliate Strategies for Double 11

Published : 28 Oct 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Holiday Season is approaching us on the highest speed possible, so what you gonna do about it? Yes, you, the seasoned or beginning affiliate marketer! Get prepared! That’s what you gonna do! And we are about to show you how. Let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Post About Holiday Deals. This may sound obvious but the more pages of unique content you create on your site about various deals, the more search engine rankings and traffic you will get to those pages, and therefore possible referral commissions. Make sure to maximize your Page Titles and Post Titles to be relevant to what people are searching for, i.e. “Singles’ Day – Deals on Electronics from DX.com – Save up to 60%” or “Best 11th November Gift Ideas for 10 year olds for 2019.” These would be examples of website page or post titles. Your “on-page content” is also really important to getting the organic rankings on the exact search phrase or related searches, so include good, varied, thorough copy on the page about Black Friday/Cyber Monday, to maximize the number of searches each page of your site can get from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2. Share it With Your Community. You have created a post or a page, now you should spread it around through your own social network (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Fan Page) and also post it to “bookmarking” sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, and StumbleUpon. This can help syndicate your posts onto more sites and if the articles get popular on those social sites they can bring in good traffic. Also, submitting your content to well-ranking 3rd party sites like these can get you extra organic listings for the article’s title and content. Definitely encourage your social friends to Like, Comment, and Share your posts on Facebook by asking for it and also do the same to their status updates. By giving other people Facebook and Twitter love they will do the same for you and help your content go viral. Remember to build out your Facebook Fan Page Discussions area with posts about deals because this area tends to rank well in Google and can bring you more fans. Try to avoid posting the same content in multiple places because it won’t really work for you to get rankings, rather post different variations of the same title and content in multiple places.

3. Send a Word To The World. Sending email newsletter blasts to promote Single Day’s deals from your favorite Affiliate Advertisers – is a huge must. Make sure you are posting Fan Page and personal Facebook status updates daily and sharing your new site posts through your fan page to encourage fans to check it out and click-through. Really try to interact with your Facebook Fans and actively try to build more Fans at every turn. If you are writing post after post, promoting a bunch of Advertiser’s deals you don’t have to be worried about bothering anyone because you are exposing them to new offers every time. Try not to post the same thing repetitively unless it’s a tremendous deal or one that has gotten great responses. Otherwise, keep posting more and more Advertiser’s deals to your base and you will gain more traffic from it. Keep it varied and frequent. Don’t worry about posting too much because you never know which deal will resonate with your fan base.

4. Run Sweepstakes and Contests. Running sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways through  is a great way to maximize your reach, build fans, and gather data for your newsletter list. You can promote the Sweepstakes on your site, newsletter, fan page, tweets, and other way you can get the word out about the Sweepstakes. This is a really powerful way to maximize your exposure, grow your Facebook Fans, and build your subscriber list.

5. Boost Your Facebook Posts. Make sure to check out Facebook Boosted/Promoted Posts, which ensures that a large percentage of your Facebook fans see your fan page postings. This has a flat-fee cost based on the amount of exposure you want for the post, but is very effective from my experience. Not to mention you can choose to expose your page post to the friends of your fans which can be really powerful and allows your post to go viral beyond your fans. Also, make sure to check out Facebook fan advertising, which allows you to build your Facebook fans for a per fan fee. This is a very good way to boost your fan count and therefore have more people to expose your holiday deals to. You can really target to your ideal demographic which is nice. You can NEVER have too many targeted fans on Facebook to market to.

6. Upload Video Content to Drive Traffic. You should absolutely be creating videos to upload to Youtube and host on your website/blog. Creating relevant videos to holiday shopping sales is a phenomenal way to get traffic to those videos and then over to your website. You can even add your affiliate referral links to your videos, in the videos and in the descriptions. Creating and uploading videos to Youtube is another great way to gain SEO rankings and searchers from Google and Youtube organically.

7. Retarget. This is the amazing way you can advertise to your website’s previous visitors after they leave your website. Let’s say you have a great coupon deal from one of your advertisers and you want your audience regularly to know about it. You would send an email blast, put the ad on your website, but you can also launch a Facebook/Instagram ad campaign targeting your website recent visitors with the promotion, they click on the ad then go to your website’s page with the deal on it. They click the deal and buy, so you get the commission. If your users have already been exposed to the deal, it’s likely they would respond well to an ad with the same deal or related deals. During the holiday shopping season this type of strategy can work and be profitable as an affiliate.

8. Online Press Releases. Online press releases are a great tool to increase your website’s exposure as well as building inbound links to your website. There are many instruments for that, such as PRWeb or eReleases.com. Make sure to embed a couple of hyperlinks to your website in your press release to maximize inbound links to your site. Online press releases have cost, so make sure to have a really great titles and great content to make sure it gets good search rankings based on your content. Typically, online press releases get distributed to 100’s of well-ranking websites, so over time this strategy can gain increased saturation in the search engines and bring traffic and exposure to your website. Doing online press releases on a monthly basis can bring tremendous results. They work great! If you need online press releases written and released, our agency can do it for you.

9. Push It With Push Notifications. Once users accept your notifications you can send them a deal, an offer, or a link to your latest blog post. It’s a phenomenal way to grow your audience and your repeat website traffic. If you are not using it already, give it a try.

10. Word of Mouth. Plain and simple, but nevertheless not less powerful, believe us. Having a website that can be emailed, told by phone, or otherwise communicated to your friends and family is great because why wouldn’t someone shopping online buy through your site when they can get great deals from all the top merchants online? So make sure to tell people to check out your site or blog for some great shopping deals whenever you can.

11. Think Beyond. Singles Day is just the start of great deals from online merchants lasting all through December, so make sure to post holiday deals to your sites and blogs on a frequent basis can really build your site’s page count and can get you more organic traffic. Not to mention you can gain more fans and followers from the new pages of content when you position the Facebook Fan widget in your site’s layout.

Final Thoughts

These advices are absolute killers not only for the Singles Day, but also for any holiday season. If you would like to discuss any of these strategies please let us know. Thanks and have a great Singles Day

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