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Paid order (mobile device) - 3.00%

Paid order - 3.00%

Регион: World Wide
eCPC 0.0000
Обработка 56
Баннеры Yes
Удаление ссылок Yes
Промокоды No
Конверсия 0.28
Срок службы cookie 30день (а)
Целевые страницы No
Фид XML / CSV No


Cashbacks Разрешен
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Social Media Разрешен
Incentive Запрещен
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Websites Разрешен
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Facebook Display Запрещен


Kiwi.com is a company that changes the travel industry!
We are the pioneers in virtual interlining and with our unique algorithm, we are able to create millions of flight combinations. Moreover, enhanced user-friendly design helps our customers to adjust various parameters and find the flight combination created particularly for them. With an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines, interactive map, and guaranteed arrival, the user experience skyrockets to another level.