Server-to-server Postback Guide

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Server-to-server tracking is a cookie-less tracking method used to report conversions from Advertiser to Publisher by sending request to the network postback URL(also called callback URL)

In order to set up correct postback tracking with Indoleads Network, Advertiser should:

• Set up correct Postback URL in the tracking system used, corresponding with Indoleads Network to track and send back successful conversions.

• Provide instructions how Advertiser`s CLICKID parameter should be placed into the promotional link. Please note that in Postback URL CLICKID should be replaced with parameter used for receiving and passing unique and dynamic set of characters.

Postback URL: CLICK_ID &security_token=38fa07d1-b423-4093-bc6e-bca4b057ff06&rate=AMOUNT&currency=USD&txn_id=UNIQUE_TRANSACION_ID

CLICKID is a unique and dynamic set of characters, generated by Indoleads Network. It is sent through an offer URL and returned through POSTBACK URL after the conversion is complete. It has a few distinguishing properties:

  • CLICKID is in UUID format with 36 characters length, it consists of upper- and lower-case Roman letters (A–Z, a–z), numbers (0–9), and “=” , “_” , “-” symbols;

UNIQUE_TRANSACION_ID– unique order/transaction id generated from your platform,any random unique number. This helps to avoid duplicates.

AMOUNT– commission amount

CLICKID example: 5e055584-5570-436a-bd04-3707e7aacf4d

Example of postback URL request after successful conversions occurs:,5&currency=USD&txn_id=CJE45543457

Before starting an ad campaign, integration should be complete. Advertiser provides correct promotional link and Indoleads Network manager creates a test link. Advertiser makes a test. When successful conversion has been tracked in Indoleads Network internal statistics system, campaign can be started.