How to Register and Login

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You can find a registration link on the main menu when you access our website

Once you click on the registration menu, you will be directed to a registration form for Publisher. In the registration form, you have to fill in few fields that are your name, email, password, preferred instant messenger, phone number and country.

In second section of the registration form, you have to fill in your promotional method.

For traffic type there are few options to choose and the options are SEO/Doorways, Websites or blogs, PPC/Adwords/Bing/Yandex, Email, Display, Social Media or other.

Please include your website URL as well and if you have more than one website, fill in all the website URLs.

Click on the checkbox to accept the terms & conditions and then proceed to click on “Sign Up” button


After the registration, you can Sign in to Indoleads platform as registered publisher.

Sign in link can be found on main menu of Indoleads website. Once you click the link, you will be directed to Sign In page.


Fill in username and password that you have registered before and click Login.