Generating Tracking Link

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To begin your campaign, you must first start by getting the campaign’s tracking link. Find ‘Offers’ from the menu and click on ‘List’ sub-menu


If you have any Advertiser that you preferred, you can use the ‘Search’ feature on top of the list to search for the keyword. Click on ‘View’ button to view campaign details

Once you’re on the offer’s page you can find ‘Tracking Link’ button under the description.

Click on it to be directed to Tracking Link section



On the Tracking Link section, there are Generated link and Additional Parameters fields.

You can use the Tracking Link as it is from the Generated Link field or also by adding any parameters to the link according to your need.

Tick the “Add sub Ids” checkbox if you want to add extra parameters to the link. Insert the macro in ‘Sub’ fields and click on ‘Update’ button. The parameters will be added into the generated link.


For example, if you insert “click” on Sub 1, it will be assigned to p1 parameter in the generated link.






If you want to add “Deep Link”, tick on “Deep Link” check box. Insert the deep link and click on “Update” button.

If you want to add landing pages, tick on “Landing page” checkbox. Select the landing pages that are available from the drop down on the right and click “Update”.

For example, in the offer there is “HP Laptop” landing page. In the generated link, it added the landing page id.

You can then copy the generated link and use is as campaign URL.