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Download banner of offer

Here is a guide on how to download banners from offers on Indoleads platform. When you are on a page of offer, you will find “Banners” button on the right side. Click on the “Banners” button


Once you click on the button, the platform will load list of banners available for the selected offer


Click on banner of your choice and prompt will come up. Select “Save File” radio button and click “OK” to download


Banner Tools

Click on “Banner tools” under “Tools” from menu


From the “Banner Size” field, select banner size of your choice from the dropdown list

If you do not have any preference of offer, select “Automatic” from the dropdown list. Then generate code to get code of banners from random offer. If you have specific offer of your choice, select on “Manual” from the dropdown list.

Then, in “Offer” field, find offer of your choice and select it.


Click on “Generate Code” button to generate code for banner of offer your choice. The code generated will be displayed on the page.

Copy the code and place it in code of your website.


Update your code and you will be able to view the banner on your website