1) Get started. Api token can be retrieved on “Account->Api Settings” page. You can add token in two ways: – through get parameter ?token=yourtoken – through Authorization header Bearer yourtoken 2) Routes The main route of all requests: https://app.indoleads.com/api 2.1. Get offers Route: /search_offers Type: GET Parameters: Name Values Description domain Filter offers by website […]

How to Test Postback

Under “Account” menu, there is “Postback” sub-menu that will open Global Postback page In the postback url field, you can enter the url that you would like to test. There are several available tokens that you can add into your postback url.   There are several available tokens that you can add into your postback […]

Generating Tracking Link

  To begin your campaign, you must first start by getting the campaign’s tracking link. Find ‘Offers’ from the menu and click on ‘List’ sub-menu   If you have any Advertiser that you preferred, you can use the ‘Search’ feature on top of the list to search for the keyword. Click on ‘View’ button to […]

How Parameters and Macros Work?

Adding Parameters in Postback and Pixel tracking URL.   Parameter Variables & Macros The passing of values between your own internal system, and your publishing partners’ internal systems requires discerning your “parameter variables” from your “macros” and how to use these two pieces of information appropriately. Both of these terms have various meanings throughout the […]

Integrate Tracking Pixel with Google Tag Manager

If you’re using Google Tag Manager to manage tags for your website and if you want to install the Indoleads pixel tracking code, follow these steps: Create a Indoleads pixel. Our Pixel will look like this <img src=’https://track.indoleads.com/pixel?adid=SomeValue‘>  Indoleads provide tracking pixel code for every conversion offer. You can get it from postback and pixel option in offer […]

How to install pixel code?

There is no special instruction for that because it’s simple pixel installation You just need to add on your “thank you page” and add several dynamic parameters: <img src=”https://app.indoleads.com/api/pixel?adid=XXX&sale_amount=XXX&currency=XXX”> where is adid – your unique offer in in indoleads.com platform sale_amount – amount of purchase made from our traffic currency – currency of amount in 3 […]