POSTED ON : 12 Jun 2020   BY : Indoleads Bot

Webcam block is the best free extension that will prevent hackers and watchdogs from secretly watching and recording your activity via your webcam. You can now protect your webcam privacy with just one click as the extension offers you the possibility to prevent your webcam from hacking attempts coming from Internet predators, hackers and more. 
How it works? Simple! Webcam Protection informs you about processes and applications that access your computer’s web camera. When an unwanted application tries to access your camera, you get a notification where you can allow or block access. 
The advantages of Webcamblock extension are obvious: it prevents hackers from accessing and using information collected through webcam, provides protection over your private life and ensures the privacy of your information, blocks any usage of your webcam. Moreover, the clean and accessible interface is designed to provide the user with a quick approach to block the webcam in one click.
Nowadays privacy on the web is the most valuable thing, we all can relate to this. How many times have you worried about being watched or secretly recorded? We bet, at least once you’ve had such a feeling. With all advanced technologies in the world we can’t be absolutely sure no one is invading our life when we don’t expect it. That’s why Webcamblock is not just another extension, it’s a must-have for your audience, show them this incredible offer, and your precious users will be grateful for that. Join Indoleads right now and start promoting Webcamblock!