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Incredible news for you. We just started the biggest Brazilian retail chain, Lojas Americanas Affiliate MarketingCurrently, the company has 1180 stores in all 26 Brazilian states and in the Brasília-area Federal District.

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Beauty & Health, Perfumery & Books
Sale 4,05%
Cool Stuff, Fashion, Movies & Photo and Sport & Recreation Sale 3,60%
Appliances, Automotive, Toys, Diapers, Pet Shop and Air Conditioning
Sale 2,70%
Electronics Sale 4,05%
Fun Kitchen, Home & Comfort, La Cuisine, Life Zone, Housewares & Bedding, Table & Bath Sale 4,50%
PCs Sale 4,73%
Tablets, Computer Accessories, Furniture, Games and Consoles and Small Kitchen Appliances Sale 3,15%
Mobile Phones Sale 4,05%
Use of Direct ou Indirect SEM (Paid Ads) on Google, Yahoo, Bing is strictly prohibited by the Brazilian advertisers. The violation of this rule results in the definitive blocking of the Publisher and cancellation of all the transactions.